Record snowfall in Anchorage

23 Apr 2019 – Anchorage boasted another record daily snowfall yesterday, April 22, with 2.7 inches of snow.

The previous record of 1.7 inches was set on April 22, 2010. The snow total for April 2019 so far is 6.9 inches.

Thanks to Clay Olson for this link

4 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Anchorage”

  1. I grew up right outside Anchorage(Ft.Rich), and it was the most wonderful six years of my life. The weather was great, and offered all seasons, but was very moderate, because we got the Japanese Current’s warm water. We even had moose wandering around the post during the winter.

    I would recommend the area to anyone, if they enjoy the beautiful outdoors and friendly people.

  2. I moved to Anchorage 3/12. Snow was nice yesterday. People here say this is the warmest earliest breakup season they can remember, I can’t believe how fast everything melted.

  3. i know i just read of the “abnormal warmth” in alaska just the last few days. 18c over average without SAYING what the average is….
    well it would look like even 18c or so warmer is STILL well n truly cold enough to snow;-)
    bet they wont mention this;-)

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