Record snowfall in Billings Montana

“First snow for the season breaks record in Billings,” reads the headline.

17 Oct 2020 – “Rain pouring over the city turned to snow early Saturday morning as temperatures cooled from the low 50s to below freezing. The National Weather Service reported a record of 3 inches at Billings Logan International Airport just before noon, with the old daily record at 2.8. ”

Thanks to Ryan for this link

“The only thing that keeps us from having large glaciers on all the mountains is August,” says Ryan.

4 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Billings Montana”

  1. We are in NW Montana and have about 3 – 4 inches of snow. I have no doubt we are entering a GSM. But, this snowfall isn’t unusual, as I remember it snowing at this time of year on several occasions. I also don’t put much stock in the ‘ice age’ generalization of this event. I believe the impacts will depend on which side of the meridian jet stream flow you are on and moving south won’t necessarily save you. You could move to a place that will experience excessive drought, excessive rain/floods, which may be just as harsh on life as cold and snow. Perhaps even more important in this event, will be whether you live in a city or in a rural setting. If you live in a city, you will be competing with increasingly desperate people trying to find food, perhaps even heat/cool, etc.

    • GSM/SMs are decadal (11 year events) mini ice ages look to be 200 to 400 year cyclical events. Glad you’re feeling lucky and ‘following the MSM science’… because it’s settled, safe and effective.

  2. …that very short period within an interglacial is pretty much finished now… there is no historic basis for guaranteeing a global coronavirus pandemic to occur within a few months or years… like extended ice ages, iron fist tyranny for 90% of the time is also the planetary norm. One could say it’s really just the ‘norm’. Obviously if you’re reading this you must come from a long lineage of survivors or ‘nails that didn’t stick up too far’ on the proverbial roof top.

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