Record snowfall in Caribou, Maine

Not much, but it’s still a record.

“The 0.3″ of snow observed at Caribou yesterday was the greatest snowfall on record so late in the season,” says National Weather Service Tweet.

“Old record 0.2″ on 5/25/74.”

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4 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Caribou, Maine

  1. I spent a summer near Caribou. By this time the potatoes, peas, green and wax beans should already be half grown. I can’t imagine how much damage the cold that created the snowfall may have done to the plants. I am sure, however, it was because of AGW since it causes every anomaly known to man.

    • was this a trashpile at a dump that covered?
      or is it what they scraped off the streets n piled up?
      whatever option it looks ugly

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