Record snowfall in Finland

Most snowfall ever in a single day. 

The western municipality of Merikarvia shoveled its way into history books on Saturday with a new Finnish record for snowfall in a single day.

At 8 am Saturday, meteorologists measured that more than 70 centimetres of snow had accumulated in a single 24-hour period, or close to two and a half feet.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis and Clay Olson for this link

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  1. Open sea played big part here. Merikarvia is located on the west coast and that event was lake effect snow – kind of event. Previous record was 50 centimetres in Rauma – also on the west coast.

    In the link there is also other weather related links. Out of curiosity I read “Winter´s coldest snap starts now” – story and found bad journalism. In the story YLE states that temperatures below -40 degrees Celsius are extremely rare in Finland. That claim is nonsense.

    In this link to Finnish meteorological institut you can check for yourself the lowest measured temperatures in winters between 1961 – 2015. ( Suomen kylmin lämpötila vuosina 1961 – 2015 ).

    Those 5 readings in the story are only monthly records. And there is also a minor error. The lowest reading for November took place November 30th 1915.

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