Record snowfall in Flint, Michigan

According to the National Weather Service, a record snowfall was set in Flint for Monday, Nov 26, with 4.2 inches.

As a result,  students in the nearby Fenton, Lake Fenton, Linden and Holly school districts enjoyed their first snow day of the winter season. -11e8-94c3-ff53e8f32656.html

Thanks to Clay Olson for this link

5 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Flint, Michigan”

  1. Say just how much snow has already been accumulating to have an Avalanche Warning? Sounds like its been collecting for awhile, no?

  2. I wish she’d bothered to mention what the old record was; it would have been so easy. Ah, well…half a story is better than no story.

  3. Hey, ain’t FLINT the place where the water is poisoned? Is that where they tried to save money, since so many residents won’t pay their water bill, that they used dirty river water?

    Well, now, with all this great clean snow……they have water for everybody? Just get out some buckets and do what we did 200 years ago…………….

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