Record Snowfall in Idaho

The most snow that has fallen this late in the spring on the city of Idaho Falls since records began. Kind of hard to blame this on ‘global warming.’

Saturday, May 23, 2020 – “While May snows aren’t uncommon across east Idaho, today’s preliminary totals of 51 to 102 mm (2 to 4 inches) across the City of Idaho Falls would be the most snow that has fallen this late in the spring since records began in 1948,” NWS said.

The city of Idaho Falls stands at an elevation of 4,705 ft.

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3 thoughts on “Record Snowfall in Idaho”

  1. “Since records began in 1948” after the Gleissberg cool period 1880 to 1940 ended and the Modern Solar Warm Periood started in 1940 to 2008, when The first cycle of the Modern Grand Minimum started. That recorded period is around a third of a solar cycle of 172 years. – GSM, Gleissberg Period, Solar Warm Period.
    The second non active cycle SC25 might start its rise to a low Max by the end of the year and run on to 2033. SC26 is likely to be a shallow recovery cycle as the GSM is likely to follow the same recovery path as Dalton of a Two cycle GSM SC5 and SC6 and a recovery cycle SC7.
    81 and 82 were during the Solar Minimum period of the low UV SC20 and the start of the rise to MAX of SC21.

  2. wettest autumn in 30 yrs in Victoria in Aus too;-)
    not here though;-( some rain-notmuch so far

  3. But it was the hottest ever somewhere in the middle of the Pacific where nobody lives and there are no thermometers.

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