Record snowfall in Lapland

A third more than usual.


In many places there’s 90cm (almost 3 ft) of snow, which is around 30cm (1 ft) more than usual.

“It’s a record for the time of year” says Meteorologist Anniina Valtonen at the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Typically in January Lapland really does not have snow cover above 80cm, and even that only occurs once every thirty years, she explains.

“The reason why there’s currently so much snow, is that the snowfall started already in October and never melted away” says Valtonen

“The first snowfall comes generally in October, but usually it melts away at that time. Enduring snowfall doesn’t however come usually until November or December.”

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3 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Lapland”

  1. Meanwhile in Helsinki all we have been getting is rain. I have seen snow only for one day this year, December also was rainy.

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