Record snowfall in Newfoundland – State of Emergency Declared

Several Videos – State of emergency declared over historic snowfall and blizzard conditions. Snowplows pulled off the streets, unable to cope. Snowiest day on record, not just for the date, but for any day. More snow on the way.

17 Jan 2020 – Historic blizzard brings Newfoundland to a standstill

State of Emergency declared

Newfoundland (Canada) just got HAMMERED by record snowfall!
“Check it out when this home-owner opens his garage door,” says reader Caroline Snyder.

The blizzards have caused a rare state of emergency to be called, the first in the region since 1984, according to St John’s mayor Danny Breen.

Mrs Antle, 39, said local petrol stations are out of fuel due to anticipation of the storm and snowploughs have been pulled off streets, unable to cope.

“Thankfully, we still have power, but a lot of people don’t,” she told the PA news agency.

“The winds are extremely high, which when combined with the snow has made conditions much worse.”

Record-breaking 72 cm of snow in St.John’s Newfoundland – In one day


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  1. Bear in mind Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party ran on a hard core fighting climate change/carbon tax campaign. All Newfoundland’s 7 federal ridings voted for him.

    Looks good on them.

  2. Interesting that these Noreaster events occur during blocked weather system during the solar minimum period or period of reduced UV such as SC20, GSM periods and the latter stage of the Gleissberg period which set the majority of weather records for the 20th Centry.
    2020-2019 Sc24 Solar minimum
    2005-6 solar minimum period decline to minimum SC23
    1959 solar minimum period SC18-19
    1943 Glessberg period minimum on rise to max.

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