Record snowfall in North Dakota

Nearly double previous record.

11 Oct 18 – At Grand Forks Air Force Base, the snow totals continued to climb, with reports showing about 19.2 inches. Other high totals reported so far: 17 inches (43.8 cm) west of Finley,16.5 inches near Hannaford, 14.2 inches west of Hope.

Grand Forks set a record snowfall for the date: 5.7 inches at the National Weather Service office on the UND campus, nearly doubling the day’s previous record-high snowfall.

Already in third place for showiest overall October

Meteorologist Andrew Moore said in 1921 it snowed 3 inches on Oct. 10, but yesterday’s measurement initially sat around 5.7 inches. The amount has also placed this year in third place for snowiest overall October.

A belt of snowfall formed just west of Grand Forks and remained in place for most of the day, dumping heavy snowfall in the area, Moore said.

Devils lake only saw an inch of snow and Fargo received 1.6 inches, reports said.
“It’s kind of unbelievable that this happened in October,” Moore said.

Snowfall amounts elsewhere include:

13 inches in Valley City
12.5 inches in Larimore
12 inches (30 cm) in Cooperstown, Dazey, and northeast of Sharon.

KFGO Chief Meteorologist Tom Szymanski said it’s not uncommon for early snow storms like this to produce narrow bands of heavy snow.

(I’m not so sure that record snowfall can be classed as “not uncommon.”)

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