Record snowfall in Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York

Boston almost doubles its previous snowfall record for the day. Pennsylvania city hit by the most snowfall – ever – from a single storm.

Binghamton, N.Y., on Thursday, Dec. 17, 2020 – From Social Media

Record-breaking snowfall sweeps across Oklahoma

Breaks record set more than 100 years ago

Just west of Yukon, Oklahoma City received 2.7 inches of snow, breaking a record set in 1911.

See video of a field in Yukon covered in snow:

Snowfall daily records broken in both Boston and Providence on Thursday 

Boston City Hall was closed, non-essential state workers did not have to report for work, and state courts shuttered their doors.

The first snowstorm of the season was also one of the most powerful to hit Massachusetts and the region in several years. It left local public works crews in Fitchburg wrestling with the removal of 15.5 inches of snow while numerus communities across the state received between 10 and 14 inches of snow, the National Weather Service said.

Boston recorded 12.5 inches of snow on Thursday, breaking the previous record for the day of 6.4 inches set in 2013, the National Weather Service said. Providence, Rhode Island, also crossed an historic threshold – getting 5.8 inches compared with the previous record of 4 inches in 1961, the weather service said.

At one point, 8,000 customers were without power.

Pennsylvania – Record amount of snowfall from a single storm

Not just for the day, not just for the month, not just for the year, but the most snowfall – ever – from a single storm.

Williamsport saw a record amount of snowfall from a single storm, totaling at 24.7 inches.

The previous record was held since 1964 at 24.1 inches.

Williamsport sees record snowfall from mid-week winter storm

Record-breaking snowfall waist deep in New York

Binghamton, N.Y., set a new record with more than 3 feet of snow as of Thursday morning. At 6:40 a.m., the Binghamton Airport reported 39.1 inches of snow and another spot in Binghamton reported 41.0 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

Binghamton’s previous 2-day snowfall record was 35.3 inches, set in March 2017.

Photos on social media show cars buried under snow and residents, waist-deep in white, struggling to dig out their driveways.

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13 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York”

  1. That is HEAVY snow.May I suggest readers send these photos to UK newspapers like Daily Mail, The Guardian and Daily Telegraph, so they can view this globally-warmed snow.
    If a High Pressure were to build over Southern Sweden this winter, easterly winds would hit the UK from Siberia. These cold easterlies would meet moist Atlantic westerlies over the UK resulting in similar scenes in the UK [ by the way , this country is called the UK……United Kingdom……NOT “ENGLAND”].
    At the moment, the UK is very wet and mild because Lows are coming up from warmer, more southerly parts of the Atlantic. Hence they are moisture-laden…….resulting in heavy rain.
    At least it is MILD…….AT PRESENT !
    The people of the US who are suffering these heavy snow-falls have my sympathy.It is particularly difficult for farmers. I am a farmer myself on the normally mild west coast of Wales. However, we had 14 ft snow drifts in 1992.
    In the UK, easterly winds from Siberia negate the mild westerlies that are courtesy of the wonderful Gulf Stream. We had pretty heavy snow in the southern UK in 2009 and 2010.
    We are due a similar winter during the next few.
    Good luck !

  2. All cleaned up using autonomous electric powered snow removal equipment powered by solar panels and wind turbines all made using no carbon emissions, NOT.

  3. I read Cali is THE largest power IMporter,
    oh if only theyd cop snow like this to knock their loopy warmist ultragreen solar n wind systems right off the board.

    • You mean solar panels only generate power when the sun is shining? Never mind they could be blocked by snow, cloud cover, firestorms or *gasp* VOLCANIC ASH. Shasta and Lassen are probably due for a rumble.

  4. Wow Robert, I can’t believe the lengths you’ve gone with trick photography to lie to us: Al Gore said we’d never see snow again


    • No Gore did not say that, please do not lie
      He DID say that we would be likely to have extreme weather events
      And don’t confuse precipitation (snow) with temps

    • the photos were not fake these are real photo’s from the storm last week.I mean why would Robert lie about something that true and fact?

  5. Even though we are generally mild in winter,in Wales on the west coast of the UK, we are actually at 52 degrees North. So we are on the same latitude as Labrador and Nova Scotia. New York is on the same latitude as Madrid, Spain. It is the Gulf Stream that keeps the UK mild.However, an east wind from Siberia sometimes negates that.
    As for solar panels;because of our latitude, they do not generate a great deal in winter. Around now, it is dark for about 16 hours a day and the sun is weak both ends of daylight.
    Then it can be cloudy or wet pretty often.
    Yet a company called GRIDSERVE is building a chain of fast-charge charging stations for electric cars, saying they will be SOLELY served by UK solar energy! How is that possible in winter , with short hours of daylight and cloudy skies? They are not being honest! Check GRIDWATCH.CO.UK for the UK National Grid.Check the meagre output of UK SOLAR in winter !! How can solar energy power tens of thousands of UK electric cars in winter ??

    • Were there any records broken for low temps ? Because as most people know tge most snow falls whenvtemp is close to 32F
      When it is really cold the air just can’t hold enough moisture to snow
      That is why Antarctica is classed as a desert with less than 10” of precipitation per year

    • Actually you may have misread what Gridserve is planning
      They will be 100%renewable energy not 100% solar
      Winds blow strongest at night and tgey of course are renewable

  6. This winter in Nome Ak. we had a late freeze-up. The first soggy snow mostly melted and we’re way behind the last couple winter’s. -15° f. tonight but expecting a 40° rise Monday. The Seward peninsula southern coast started solidifying but expect a weak low to bring snow for Christmas. I could use a little more insulation. (*_*) but no more bomb-cyclones . Guessing the Deadliest Catchers lost some crab gear week before last.

  7. I beleave the real reason models are getting worse with seasonal forecasts is they have put the aginda human global warming into these models causeing them to have an exstresm warm bias in them now.Which makes the weather channel and noaa very inaccurate with three month forecasts.

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