Record snowfall in Spokane

First measurable snowfall on Sept. 28 in at least 138 years, maybe a lot longer.

The NWS Spokane office recorded 1.9 inches of snowfall at the Spokane International Airport Saturday. That was the first measurable snowfall recorded on Sept. 28 since records have been taken in Spokane beginning in January of 1881, according to FOX28.

The weekend storm system was also bringing strong winds and snow to the mountains of northern Washington and northern Idaho.

4 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Spokane”

  1. In Missouri, high temps are forecast to drop by 20 degrees F. But since we were around 90, unseasonably warm, we’ll still be well above freezing.

    We should get a rebound after this storm passes. I have hopes that our farmers will be able to continue their harvest for some time to come yet.

  2. Welcome to the Inland Northwest…we are now “officially in fall”…if we are going to skip fall….can we skip winter too??? As I have said in other posts this year…the summer was non existant. We made the high 90s a few times. we didn’t have much in the way of pests this year either (yellow jackets, flys and grasshoppers) nor did we have the bees (mason, honey and bumble). The garden struggled to produce (I have it all picked ripening in the green house right now).
    I feel in my old bones that this is going to be a winter for the record books…I hope all that read this take the time to bring in more firewood and plan on higher utility bills for the next 5 months.

  3. downunder we have morons calling a warm air inflow from the centre of Aus all sorts of stupid things like unseasonable heatwave…seriously? it might? get around 28 to 30c briefly before yet another cool change from the Sth oceans, its just Spring finally getting to be a little bit like it should..

    but as Deb states at least our mob arent harvesting in snow or rain, areas that have had rain do have some crops hanging in so far

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