Record snowfall in Maine and New Hampshire

Concord more than doubles previous record

Portland, Maine, and Concord, NH, set new daily records for March 14, says meteorologist Andy Pohl of the National Weather Service.

Portland set a daily maximum snowfall record with 16.3 inches,” Pohl said. “The previous record was 10.6 inches set in 1961.

“Concord’s record is a little more impressive,” said Pohl. “Concord got 15.6 inches and the old record was 6.6 inches set in 1984 . . . It was a pretty impressive storm.”

Central Maine Power reported more than 40,000 customers lost power during the storm and Emera reported outages for nearly 8,000.

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2 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Maine and New Hampshire

  1. Locals in Concord NH appear to be unimpressed. I suspect because they are used to having a lot more snow!

    I have a son who works for the local newspaper (Concord Monitor) … which doesn’t even have a story on the subject (although they have one about why March is the most dangerous time of the year for ski accidents). One of my brothers lives in the next town over and works for the City of Concord. Last time I talked with him he said he believes in global warming (probably due to having a liberal girlfriend)… but he looks forward to it, with the increasing high cost of fuel there.

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