Record snowfall in Montreal traps 300 vehicles over night

15 Mar 2017 – The 300 vehicles – and their occupants – were stuck on Highway 13 for close to 14 hours last night. An unhappy Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre wants to know why.

The Quebec city was buried under record 31.6 cm (just over a foot) of snow yesterday, and measured 40 cm (16 inches) in all before it stopped snowing today.

The record-breaking storm left thousands of people without power and forced closure of nearly all schools in the greater Montreal area.

Where were the responders?

Police received a call at 6:08 p.m. that there had been a collision on Highway 13. The collision left a tractor-trailer jackknifed across the southbound lanes, leaving no way for traffic to pass.

Stranded drivers made more than 300 calls to 911 for help, but it took until 3:30 a.m. before any city service was informed of the hundreds of people stuck on the snowbound highway.

Montreal mayor intends to find out how 300 vehicles were stuck on Quebec highway for 14 hours.

What went wrong on Highway 13, where hundreds were stranded overnight

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4 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Montreal traps 300 vehicles over night

  1. Montreal has the biggest snow clearing budget in North america.I guess they allowed too many operators their holidays for a southern March break vacation..a no no.Always be ready for the lion at the end of spring.This is how a real iceage will sneak in ..with our guards down.

  2. Didn’t you hear?
    The “Global Liars” said: “Winter is over”!
    Mother Nature said: “Want to bet?”

  3. They have no idea what is coming. “Modern” day human’s will not be able to tolerate any more of this. Just wait till the snow fall is only 2 x what has happened. Which is NOTHING compared to what is coming.

    Get ready folks. When the snow comes down 2 feet a day for a week…what will all these metro-males and feminists do?

    Get ready.

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