Record Snowfall – More Snow in Parts of Northeast than All Last Season

More than three feet (more than a meter) of snow in many areas.

“Isn’t it ironic that the US Northeast, home to so many AGW academic radicals, is being chastened by reality?”
– Bill Sellers

17 Dec 2020 – Tens of millions of Americans in Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states were blanketed with more snow in one dump than during the entire 2019-2020 season.

Large parts of the eastern United States woke this morning to more than 3 feet of snow as a major winter storm hit parts of New York and Pennsylvania, led to hundreds of accidents and travel disruptions, airport delays, power outages, and left at least four people dead.


11 thoughts on “Record Snowfall – More Snow in Parts of Northeast than All Last Season”

  1. Still a few days to the solstice.

    Biden is a prophet – didn’t he predict a long dark winter ?

    Biden is also an alarmist and he is now being shown the error of his ways – end of snow indeed !

    • Still a few days to the solstice… and the sunny part of the days start getting longer again, still with more ‘record snowfall’ and ‘record political-tyrannical-fallout’ yet to be realized… before the spring when the inevitable ensuing ‘record flooding’ and the 2021 ‘new normal’ austerity gulag archipelago ww anniversary ‘celebration’, vaccine/mask magic fallout, economic/food shortages really start to get some traction, momentum and the lucid cognitive actualization and clarity of the stark reality of this ‘new normal’ situation… mega-ww-democide… kicks in.

      • I wish the snow wouldn’t skip Oregon. We had an unusual number of frosts this fall once we had low level cold seep in and now we are having our November weather in Dec.

        Early November we had record highs in the mid 60s and I’ve heard Eugene got into the 70s which is surreal! Unofficial temps got as high as the mid 70s in ideal spots.

        It felt weird then we had a string of below freezing nights with the storms coming just right to boost our snowpack now about to be all washed away!

        Flooding may be in the cards this weekend!

    • I think he’s talking about here in Oregon as he is DEAD right! We’re looking at possibly needing an ark if all our mountain snow melts in this warm wave.

  2. I’m disappointed that the northeast won’t send some of that snow back to my AO, so that we can have a white Christmas. This is SO not fair!!!

  3. Look on the bright side. Where I work in NY all the left over snow blowers from last winter, with their boxes all dusty, sold out immediately, as well as a whole new shipment straight from the factory. Adjust your plans as the cold spreads from the interior of continents to the coasts.

  4. Nothing to see here ! Nothing to see . Just classic consequences of manmade global warming causing upflow of frigid arctic air flowing out of the equinox cyclone pertubation and warm cold air coming in from the east Al Nino La Nina upwelling and mixing with the water table ……….arrrrrh what the hell , I give up . Its cold , f***** cold and it should not be this early .

  5. I am in northern NYS, about 55 miles north of Albany and we got just under 3 feet and luckily it is not heavy wet snow! It is very cold now, 2 degrees this morning. The end of my driveway had chest deep snow from the plows and about 10 feet in from the road! Last time we had this much snow was in 2007, Valentines day and then a month later on St.Patricks day. I will be all day digging out my Firewood stacks, Then I have to get some snow off the roofs, What a Nightmare!

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