Record snowfall raises fears of flooding in Teton County

Jackson Hole Wyoming (24 May 2017) – Snowfall this past winter measured 600 inches (1524 cm), the most snowfall on record,according to data from the Bureau of Reclamation, the USGS and Mountain Weather.

The water content of the snow is approximately 165 percent of average.

The National Weather service is now predicting high snowmelt potential in the the Snake River because continuing cold weather has delayed most of the run-off.

However, officials are playing it low-key, pointing out that temps are still low enough in the mountains to maintain a steady, slow snowmelt.

However, if temperatures reach 70 degrees in the valley and 50 in the mountains for about three days straight, well, then, there could be a problem.

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2 thoughts on “Record snowfall raises fears of flooding in Teton County”

  1. It won’t be melting the next few days. It’s amazing how fast the temperature can change here, 40 degrees colder than yesterday, and chance of more snow.

  2. there and whole slew of other spots also?
    id not want to be in lowland flood plain areas come spring
    oh it IS spring coming to summer..
    oooh err;-/ hope they have good evac plans for people n livestock in place

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