Record snowfall in Raleigh – State of Emergency declared

“The roads look like they do near the Canadian border with a solid freeze,” says reader.

17 Jan 2018 – A record 5 inches (12.7 cm) of snow fell at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, North Carolina, today, breaking the old record of 4 inches set in 1946.

Some areas reported up to a foot (30 cm) of snow, with more still coming down.

North Durham is reporting 9.4″ of snow, Carrboro 5.5″ and 3.3″ in Cary. Those amounts are expected to increase as snow continues to fall.

Governor Cooper issued a State of Emergency ahead of the winter weather yesterday afternoon.

Because the snowfall is continuing, the National Weather Service has extended a Winter Storm Warning for much of the area until 1 a.m. Thursday.

Some areas could see as much as 6 to 10 inches of snow (or even more) and forecasters are warning conditions will worsen into the night as temperatures drop.

The temperature in Raleigh is 25F (-3.9C) as I write this. (Midnight EST)

Thanks to Ryan for this link

“23 degrees F in Atlanta before sunset, and the roads look like they do near the Canadian border with a solid freeze,” says Ryan. “That’s like average winter temperature at altitude in the Rocky Mountains mid winter. Wind chill warnings on entire peninsula of Florida. I’d imagine they have a different standard, maybe not, still chilly even there nonetheless and not good for oranges, presumably.”

2 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Raleigh – State of Emergency declared”

  1. I lived in Raleigh for a year… and never heard the end of talk about an ice storm they had 2 years before. People getting trapped in it on their way home from work, where normally it woudl take 1/2 hour to drive… some took 6 or more hours to get home.

    Also, it probaby sounds super whimpy to someone who lives in the North… that they complain about as “little” as 3 inches of snow, but without a lot of snow reliable equpment (or with equipment but without the budget to use it)… the roads are a lot more hazardous. I’ve seen much better roads after a blizzard with 3-4 feet in Maine, NH, and Utah … than I have down in Virginia with just a few inches. Entirely due to no way to clear the roads (other than some major roads and the interstate)…. and all rural and residential roads they just wait for it to “melt” .

    Right now I’m sitting in the house looking at my “winter wonderland” (sarc) of about 3-6 inches, but know I will be trapped for another day or two… even though it is suppoed to get to a high of 51 F tomorrow… might not be enough to thaw it all with “melting” (due to drifts at the side of my house where the door and my car are)… and no salt, sand or plowing roads out my way… but lots of pine trees near the road so even when it gets warm, takes a while longer than expected to melt.

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