Record Snowfall in Regina, Saskatchewan

“Huge, almost Paul Bunyan-like snowfalls.”

David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada, said he was shocked to see that the 55 to 60 centimetres (about 23½ inches) of snow that has fallen on Regina this month has already surpassed all of last winter’s total of 52 cm.

With a week left in November, Regina has already broken the monthly record of 53.7 cm set in 1941.

The snowfall amounts are also surprising because the bulk occurred over five or six days, Phillips added.

“It’s happened in huge, almost Paul Bunyan-like snowfalls,” he said.

“Not to scare you, but whenever there has been a November with lots of snow, it seems to me you end up with a snowy winter.”Since 1883, Regina has received an average of 13.8 cm of snow in November. (More than four times the monthly average.)
Phillips notes this isn’t just the case with Regina. Estevan, for example, has received 65.2 cm of snow compared to 62.6 cm all of last winter.

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“Was not fun driving on the icy roads either,” says Alen.

6 thoughts on “Record Snowfall in Regina, Saskatchewan

  1. Yep! The Queen City was close to shutting down. We had one of the mildest winters on record last year,with hardly any snow fall. That followed a record snow fall winter the previous year, which had resulted in massive spring flooding that lasted into the summer.

    It seems that the pendulum will swing to that side agin this winter.

    2010-extreme snow
    2011-extremely mild
    2012-shaping up to be an extremely snowy one again, possibly record breaking.

  2. Last year seems to have been a “glitch” in the “new” weather patterns here on the prairies.” We have not yet recieved very much snow here in Southern Manitoba but we are now seeing some snow almost every day and are now at about what we recieved all last winter which admittedly brought very little snow to the prairies. The way this season has started, I expect us to end up with about the same amounts as we saw in 1997 which brought us the spring; “flood of the century.” Record snows in the Mountains will bring a lot of floodwater here as well as we are all downhill from Alberta and Montana. More recharging of our glacial lakes it seems.

  3. Funny how the climatologists aren’t taught in school that climate isn’t a linear thing; certainly never in the past, so why would it be now, or in the future?

  4. I live 60 miles south of Estevan…..Global warming
    in full force!! go home and pull the covers over
    your head….NOW!!!

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