Record snowfall in Scotland

Many roads completely impassible. Ten-foot (3m) snow drifts reported.

In Lanarkshire and north Glasgow, roads have been completely shut after record snowfall.

The Balmore Road at Lambhill Bridge to Boclair Road in Glasgow ‘s north is closed due an eight feet high snow drift.

Police Scotland reported that they have been unable to get their own patrol cars along the road.

See photos:

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7 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Scotland”

  1. Many people were trapped in their cars/trucks for up to 12 hrs…..temperatures down to minus10deg C..easy…just keep the engine on heater to max…but wait… are in an electric car!
    Welcome to the greenies preferred future.
    Expect fatalities!!

    • Would you let a person driving an EV to come and shelter in your nice warm fossil fuelled vehicle or leave them to their virtue signalling fate?

  2. The New Maunder Minimum is assured. Now onto what comes next . Will it be that inconvienient 100,000 year cycle??

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