Record snowfall shuts down interstate highway in Wyoming


Wyoming’s Heaviest Late-Spring Storm in 74 Years

19 May 2017 – Interstate 80 and U.S. Route 30 from Laramie to Cheyenne, Wyoming were closed in both directions Thursday night and early Friday morning due to heavy snow.

I-80 in Wyoming on 18 May 2017 – Photo courtesy Wyoming Dept of Transportation

A record 11 inches of snow fell in Cheyenne on Thursday.

The last time Cheyenne experienced such a significant snow event this late in spring was about 67 years ago, when Harry Truman was president, the Weather Channel said.

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7 thoughts on “Record snowfall shuts down interstate highway in Wyoming

  1. The UK didn’t get any Snow of any amount for yet another Winter the Last major Snow of any note was back in 2010. What has happened to our Winters?

  2. Wow! don’t see much of this in the msm.

    This morning in Albuquerque the weather report said it was 42 deg. But the ice on top of pickup doesn’t lie.

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