Record snowfall in Vancouver BC

Almost double the previous record, but “not one single media organization put the term ‘record’ in the title of their news,” says reader David Taylor. Didn’t mention the word “record” until 10 paragraphs down.

23 Feb 2018 – “Between eight and 10 centimetres of snow had accumulated in Vancouver by Friday afternoon, Environment Canada said, breaking the Feb. 23 snowfall record of 4.8 centimetres set back in 1940.

“As much as 11 centimetres of snow fell on parts of Richmond during the same time, and the North Shore saw as much as 13 centimetres in some areas.

“Vancouver’s director of streets, Taryn Scollard, said even the city’s own snowplows and salt trucks are getting stuck.”

Thanks to David Taylor for this link

“Not one single media organization put the term ‘record’ in the title of their news,” says David.


13 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Vancouver BC”

  1. Herr Professor Doctor Albert Gore proved, with his Climate Dissertation, that there can only be “RECORD” Heat Waves, but no such thing as “Record Cold” when it comes to Arbitrary Cold Assertions spewed by the Right Wing fringe elements.

    Anyway, what YOU people are calling “COLD” is simply less HEAT.

  2. The media is showing how they misinform the public. If it isn’t outright lies it is lying by omission.

    The truth always prevails. There will come a time when the frigid temps around the world will leave no doubt that the man made globull warming is a fraud.

  3. @Global Cooling:

    I must protest your error!

    It is NOT “Less Heat”! It is “Build Up Of Heat In The Future”.

    You see, the heat is still building up, it just hasn’t gotten here yet. There is not and never can be “Less Heat”, only heat lurking, awaiting the best moment to strike. Constantly, relentlessly increasing. Just not here and now. Off somewhere else for a bit. Back after tea, you see…


    • Correct. I forgot the 3 Laws of Goredynamics:

      1) Heat can not be destroyed, but only created by Man

      2) Heat can be stored for future release.

      3) Heat can only increase

      How ignorant of me.

  4. Tick, tick, tick. When northern hemisphere experiences the ravages of real arctic winters, followed by a serious freeze in the Antarctic & Southern Hemisphere countries, what will be proclaimed. Probably something like ” we told you that global warming would include freezing your balls off”!

  5. but let them manage to finagle a 10th of a degree warmer and its shouted from the rooftops!

    what brand of snowploughs are they using?
    tonka toys?
    11cm is around 4 inches
    seems a bit off if theyre getting stuck in that as supposedly fit for purpose vehicles that rescue others..

    • Vancouver and Victoria are priceless when it snows, the snowplow drivers get the same amount of practice as the rest of the wac pac, hillarity ensues. 2 cm is enough for pandemonium.

  6. Ventusky weather radar is showing huge snowfall across most of Canada and these muppets report a few inches within spitting distance of the Pacific coastline. I’ve monitored Ventusky for accuracy and its always within +/-1C and snowfall is as accurate as it can be, reading the maximums, due to its irregular distribution. I don’t see anything on the main news about Russia and eastern Europe where some are experiencing temperatures of -30C. Some parts of Germany and France are at -17C this morning and the threats from the Mets are saying its going to get much colder over the next week. Is the UK looking at its first, record breaking -30C this winter? If so, then I think this will be the first big indicator of things to come. Nuclear (caesium?) powered artificial light & heat and live underground. Need a lot of caesium for 85,000 years though! Oh well, back to the Stone Age we go.

    • problem with nuke plants in severe cold is??
      the water intake..i seem to remember they had some panic moments in the uk a few yrs ago when the oceans were getting ice/slushy and intakes were clogging..right now anything in usa feeding in from lakes would be keeping the workcrews busy?

  7. Talking centimeters of snow.. A record of a couple centimeters means nothing, Vancouver had a very normal mild winter with a cold snap in Feb like usual.. that delays my putting the summer car back on the road at this time every yr.
    Last yr was a much colder winter than this yr.
    All media is Jew controlled and there-fore globalist climate frauds, if your looking for truth in news papers you’d have a better chance finding gold at the end of a rainbow.

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