Record snowfall in Wisconsin

I find it hard to believe that such a small amount of snow – in Wisconsin, yet! – could have broken any records.

Five inches of snow fell at the Dane County Regional Airport yesterday (Feb 9), eclipsing the 4.5-inch record snowfall that fell on Jan. 15.

Officially, a record 4.5 inches of snow was recorded at the Dane County Regional Airport on January 15, 2018.

The previous record snowfall for Jan. 15 in Madison had been the 3.8 inches that fell in 1943. /article_0e174a85-e2c2-5937-816a-8c32bd6c23dc.html

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2 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Wisconsin”

  1. More than a foot of snow in Chicago suburbs, they got another round this morning, too.

    Detroit got significant snow from the same storm system


    Also, it appears that New Hampshire and Vermont areas have gotten about a foot also from multiple storms recently.

    Cold weather all the way to New Mexico after Groundhog Day.

    Not sure what they are referring to with 4 inch snowfall record in Wisconsin.

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