Record snowmelt and raging rivers claim 21 lives

In Utah, California and Wyoming, raging rivers caused by heavy winter snowfall – record snowfall in some cases – have overflowed their banks and are expected to remain extremely dangerous for several more weeks.

The rampaging rivers have claimed the lives of at least 21 people across the America’s West so far this season.

With such hazardous conditions, officials have closed sections of rivers popular with swimmers, rafters and fishing enthusiasts.

“The force of that water pounds people into rocks and sends them over waterfalls,” said Eric LaPrice, a U.S. Forest Service district ranger at the Giant Sequoia National Monument in central California.

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6 thoughts on “Record snowmelt and raging rivers claim 21 lives

  1. Such a sad tragedy and unnecessary loss of life. Nobody was preparing for this thanks to the MSM censoring the “skeptics”.

    Al Gore showed us dried-up Lake Chad and parched earth and Mount Kilimanjaro losing snow and said “this is what global warming looks like. This is where Earth is headed.”

    Us “skeptics” knew all along that global cooling was in Mother Nature’s plan. We knew it would start with decreasing solar activity, increasing cloud cover and increasing precipitation in the form of rain and snow.

  2. 12 dead from excess snowmelt and silence from the racist MSM too busy obsessing about “Trump talked to Russian untermenschen”.

  3. I expected this after reading of the huge snowfalls, any councils etc who didnt take some preemptive steps to mitigate as much as they could with so much advance time to do so, should be in hot, if muddy, water themselves.

  4. On a positive note. There will soon be a new California gold rush. Lots of nuggets getting washed down those streams.

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