Record snowstorm buries Ottawa

Greatest snowfall on January 18 in Ottawa history.

A total of 19 cm of snow fell at the Ottawa Airport between Saturday afternoon and early Sunday morning.

The 14.3 cm of snow that fell at the Ottawa Airport on Saturday set a record for greatest snowfall on January 18 in Ottawa history. The previous record was 10.2 cm of snow set on January 18, 1978.

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  1. In the US New England region we think that Canada is the home to lots of snow. I guess that this is not true. Here in N.E.18 inches is not rare at all.

    • MR166, I’m the nut case Canadian geologist/geophysicist/engineer that used to work offshore in the Canadian Arctic in ’84 and offshore out of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador back in ’89 where 30+ inch snowfalls would happen and then melt right quick over and over throughout the winter….but they weren’t record breakers for any particular day. I also worked in N. Dakota, California, but mostly with guys like Quick Dick McDick across Western and Northern Canada (I’ve worked in -63 deg F and +124 deg F) weather and out of country in ’01 in Yemen stopping over in Dubai, UAE where it never snowed back then… and now look at the “world-wide” records that are being broken daily for the past few years. I’d really like to think that’s why you’re here.

      You may just possibly be missing a key point of Robert’s books and especially, especially right now at this very second with this website (how can one guy do so much?) as it appears to be that record cold and record snowfall records are being broken daily year-round in the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere, very often simultaneously for the past 3 or 4 years as predicted by the guys that said “its a cycle” and are very likely way, way, smarter than either of us AND also that TPTB are running all sorts of distractions like Grumpy Grinch ReGreta IPCC CO2 Climate Change (global warming) hoaxes, geoengineering, “terrorists” are everywhere etc. to distract and divert attention away from books and sites like this that prove with “Extraordinary Evidence” that the GSM is already having a multi-year profound effect on the “climate” across the globe…. and that the globalist kleptocrats have already set themselves up for total Bolshevik level martial law and social control with Trillions $$$ of “missing funds” for D.U.M.B.s, military training exercises, total surveillance, public environmental boondogles, social credit systems, bolt holes, villas etc., etc.

      The kleptocrats have always used actors (99% of those you see on TV, Movies, Castles, White House, Vatican, Politics etc.) all paid actors, every single one of them, to distract the herd. John Carpenter made a movie to covertly expose these “actors” but you’ve likely not seen it. There are some clips of it shown within this link. All these actors appear to have a common “religion”. Read Robert’s books and read the comments and open some links that go back over just the past week and you may gain a completely new understanding of what the central point of reporting new cold and snow records means to the folks who can read and understand. (Very much appreciated – thank you Herr Robert Bim) TPTB don’t like brave smart or “funny” clowns too much. MR166 I expect you never thought you’d have your homework cut out for you after making such an innocent observaton and comment. You may want to rush out and pick up the required reading and be in your safe space when you start really crankin’ on it. And just hope I don’t find out you were spending a bunch of time watching TV trying to figure out what the most horrific “reality show” is because…. it’s reality. Hit the books and computer or “no TV for you”. Buy food. Cheers.

      For the truth about what is happening the world over and the extraordinarily serious weather conditions, I am once again moved to recommend that people in the U.S. and everywhere else in the world look to the truth about what is happening in two of the most important books written in this century. – Lou Guzzo

  2. Canadian city buried in record blizzard – nearly 80 centimeters of snow in a day. Jan 19 2020
    For more than a day, the snow toppled over Newfoundland as the gusts reached hurricane strength.
    In eastern Canada, excavations are underway after a heavy snowstorm that buried Newfoundland in snow on Friday and Saturday.
    They happened when a powerful low pressure developed into an atmospheric bomb off the coast of Newfoundland.
    Nenfoundland’s largest city, St. Johns, was hit hardest by the blizzard. Here, gusts of hurricane force swept over the city, with the snow falling for more than a day as never before seen.
    At St. Petersburg airport Johns dropped 76.2 centimeters of snow during Friday. According to the Canadian Weather Service, the largest amount of snow has fallen in St. Petersburg. Johns in a single day since the measurements began in 1942.
    The previous record was on 68.4 centimeters of snow, which fell on April 5, 1999.
    The record-breaking snowfall and gusts far above the hurricane limit, reaching 44 meters per second, resulted in heavy snowfall that made the sky and earth stand together.
    On the approach roads to St. Johns told the local road system about snowdrivers up to five meters in height.
    The meter-high snowdrivers buried both cars and houses, while many roads were impassable due to the snow masses.
    Several of the city’s inhabitants had to dig out of their houses after the blizzard in the literal sense of the word.
    Resident of St. Johns in Newfoundland is digging out after the blizzard.
    Somewhere under all this is a row of cars and front doors. This is going to take a while.
    This is entering my street here in Bonavista. Snow piled high all the way in.

  3. 7 inches of snow is an annoyance for northern areas, it’s not really burying them.

    Have that amount of snow on the Gulf Coast and we’ll say ‘buried’… lol

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