New record Southern Hemisphere sea-ice extent

New record Southern Hemisphere sea-ice extent

Antarctic sea ice grows to greatest extent EVER even as MSM ramps up its desperate attempts to convince us otherwise

Sea ice coverage around Antarctica – which has actually been increasing since 1979 – marked a record high over the weekend, says journalist Howard Ambler on his blog, Talking About the Weather.


Despite continued warnings of global warming, sea ice surrounding the Antarctic continent now measures 2.07 million square kilometers, says Ambler.

The previous record anomaly for Southern Hemisphere sea ice area was 1.840 million square kilometers and occurred on December 20, 2007,” says Ambler, author of the book Don’t Sell Your Coat: Surprising Truths About Climate Change.

The new record – more than 10 percent greater than the previous record – was posted first by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s online record, The Cryosphere Today, early Sunday morning.

Global sea ice also above average

Meanwhile, Ambler pointed out, global sea ice area on Sunday stood at 0.991 million square kilometers above average.

The growing Antarctic sea ice is providing “a public relations problem, at a minimum, for those warning of global warming’s menace,” said Ambler.

During the past 18 months, global sea ice “has seen its most robust 18-month period of the last 13 years, maintaining, on average, a positive anomaly for an 18-month period for the first time since 2001,” he wrote.

In addition, Ambler said, the South Pole’s temperature has been dropping over the past 40 years.

High Arctic sea ice concentrations 

Meanwhile, ice extent in the Arctic is also doing quite well.

As A.J. Virgo points out, once you get past the hype, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) admits that “…satellites detected high sea ice concentrations over the Arctic as a whole.” This was dated 3 June 2014.

Thanks to Joe D’Aleo, A.J. Virgo and Bill Sellers for this info

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  1. In the study of species extinction a new method has emerged which may change what we know.
    Not widely publicized yet (possibly because it flies in the face of some dearly held beliefs) is the way species can be tracked to the point in time when they became “endangered” due to the lack of diversity within their own gene pool.
    This is done mathematically be calculating backwards using the genes from any species once you have samples from ALL locations where the species is found which for many we now do.
    The results are very surprising.
    In the case of Australia it has been revealed that species were endangered long before European settlement.
    This new method could end up changing everything we thought we knew.

    • Ripper! I am SO sick of the constant claims that weve knocked off more species here yadda yadda! than anyplace else.
      when we hardly inhabit much more than the bloody coastlines and only segments inland,
      nothing like the widespread inhabitation for thousands of years elesewhere!
      and yes we did manage to screw up with introduced Foxes Rabbits and cats going feral, and the odd hunting dog that gets lost and finds other wild dogs or Dingos to run with. But considering the volume of similar predators and millions more people in every other place on earth except maybe alaska:-) its never made sense to me.
      any links? details of authors? any way to get more info on this Please:-)

      • Read it in The Australian newspaper last year but the trail went cold. It was a story about how the indigenous people used fire to hunt. If Sir Joseph Banks had been exceptionally clever he would have noticed that the only animals left were the nocturnal, the burrowing or the fleet of foot. This idea does not sit well with the noble savage, caretaker of the land mythos so loved by the lettered.
        However the gene pool method outlined previously will be thrown out as wrong once the researchers reach the dead end around 4600 years ago and discern its implication.

  2. The article and graph refer to the sea ice anomaly not coverage. The coverage is currently around 13.5 million km2, about 2 million above average.

  3. As long as a continent like Antarctica exists at one of the Poles, we will continually get pulled back into ice ages.

  4. Not a word about this in the mainstream media in the UK. Whenever a piece of ice breaks off the antarctic ice shelf it is immediately flagged up as evidence of global warming.

    • Not just the Antarctic, everyone I have spoken to thinks the Arctic has melted away!
      I have explained that it never happened and that it is near as big as it ever was but they flat out don’t believe me.

  5. It shows that the ice cycles…this is what I gather…the Arctic ice cap has been melting at the same time the Antarctic was growing…maintaining planetary balance…but now both are growing really at astonishing rates the Arctic ice cap in a span of two years went from almost non existing to within a standard deviation of average and its expected to be in a positive anomaly in August according to NOAA…to maintain planetary balance if what was going on is normal given the Arctic’s recovery a logical reasoning should be the Antarctic now should be melting and I bet that’s why those idiots in January got stuck this trend is defying logic and cyclical laws which should say to anyone with common sense now that the planet is cooling

  6. AJ Virgo extinction and the culling by disease or predation of the less successful members of a species is part of the natural order of things.
    It may seem cruel to some but every now and then the gene pool needs to be cleaned or put to the test of survival so that some species are either strengthened or removed. Nature finds a way.
    In the last ice age humans were put to the test by a massive eruption of the Toba super volcano. We just about went extinct 74,000 years ago. Since then as a species group we have made an amazing come back in all our diverse forms and hybrids. Never the less the process of testing,culling and refining the species continues and a big part of that involves the test of survival and adaptation. Rest assured the process is never over.

  7. I just love the irony that now is the time that a computer model projection is going around saying how Emperor penguins are going to be decimated by diminishing sea ice.

    sometimes you just have to laugh

  8. Any way you cut it the sea ice that the AGW/”climate change” alarmists claimed would melt and cause catastrophic general sea level rise is instead growing.

    They can pump their propaganda through their MSM buddies all they want. They can change, excuse me “adjust” the temperature records all they want. They can predict catastrophes all they want. The president can call we who do not believe “deniers” and the “fringe” all he wants. But the ice tells a tale to everyone that can read a chart and cares to look that is undeniable and we need to shove it in the faces of those who do not want to see as often as possible.

    • RAH – It’s sort of like the lost IRS emails. The lost evidence is almost evidence in itself of criminal wrongdoing.

      Everytime contrary data (to AGW) comes out the MSM is either a) silent, or b) already prepared with propaganda to dimiss the data.

      It’s criminal of the AGW gang to obstruct the facts.

    • Sea ice does not affect sea level, land based ice melt can raise sea levels but not floating sea ice.

  9. Ah, crap! Yes I know that melting sea ice doesn’t increase sea levels. I should have put it in a different way. But the point is still valid because the more sea ice that adheres to Antarctica the more frozen water there is trapped on land there. And though the sea ice extent anomaly had not tracked well with the satellite temperature records, it sure is indicative that the billions of kilotons thermal energy that is claimed to be sequestered in the deeps, just does not exist.

    • The definition of cold is the absence of heat, So, It defies my imagination to believe that heat could be possibly hiding in the cold dark depths of the ocean. I know that thermoclines are warm water moving amongst cold water, but for warm water to descend kilometers to hide is a bit over the top – wouldn’t it cool??

  10. You need to pay close attention to anomaly graphs.

    Climate “science” choose anomaly graphs for temperature for one simple reason – they exaggerate small changes so they look dramatic.

    The temperature anomaly graphs they show look dramatic with the large upswings – always assuming they are honest which seems debatable.

    BUT if you see a graph of actual temperature data – not anomalies – over the whole of the claimed warming period from the late 1800’s it is simply an almost flat line parallel to the axis.

    Even using a large scale cannot make such a graph look other than completely unremarkable.

    You can do this your self by loading the actual temperature records into a spread sheet.

    Interestingly the ones I found only supply raw data – you have to calculate anomalies your self – I would have thought the opposite because the actual temperature graph is NOT alarming in any sense of the word at all.

    The point to this is we shouldn’t become excited about anomaly graphs in sea ice either – the raw data is probably an almost flat line as well.

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