Record low temperatures across Saskatchewan

Here is a listing of the new record low minimums in degrees Celsius.

New record of minus 23.9 (-11.0F) breaks old record of minus 18.9 (-2.0F) set in 1976

New record of minus 27.6 (-17.7F) breaks old record of minus 22.0 (-7.6F) set in 2000

Cypress Hills Park
New record of minus 20.9 (-5.6F) breaks old record of minus 20.0 (-4.0F) set in 1927

New record of minus 26.5 (-15.7F) breaks old record of minus 15.0 (+5.0F) set in 1982

Maple Creek
New record of minus 27.2 breaks old record of minus 23.9 set in 1932

New record of minus 22.9 (-17.0F) breaks old record of minus 18.4 (-1.1F) set in 1978

Val Marie
New record of minus 30.3 (-22.5F) breaks old record of minus 25.6 (-14.1F) set in 1955

Thanks to Terry Homeniuk for this link

2 thoughts on “Record low temperatures across Saskatchewan”

  1. No surprises here given the extent of cold further south in the lower 48.

    The “canary in the coalmine” for alarmists, the Arctic ice extent is now at it highest for this date in 10 years according to the Danish Meteorological Institute. Check it out:

    I’ve been keeping my eye on this for a year or so, because (supposed) “receding” Arctic sea ice has been the one thing that the alarmists have been clinging to as evidence of global warming. Now it appears that this last domino is about to fall. I’m wondering if Arctic sea ice will set even more maximum extent records by March or April.

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