Record low temps in Eastern Idaho hammer potato crop

100,000 acres potentially affected.

“My friend George Rebane,a Phd systems scientist, and I often discuss climate change and the onset of the next grand minimum,” says Russ Steele of “In George’s view a June killing frost in America’s bread basket will be clear indicator the next grand minimum has arrived. Therefore, I keep track of June frosts events….”

“This event in Idaho was not a killing frost,” says Russ, “nor was it in the America’s Breadbasket, but close.”


Early summer frost hammers potato crop
“It’s probably the worst frost damage we’ve ever had on our farm. It was so warm things were taking off and we were thinking we were going to have a bumper crop. I think this is going to set them back to below normal,” said Cooper, who also has fields near Shelley. “I don’t have a field that was untouched, and I farm in a big area. It’s the most widespread frost I can remember. It’s going to be a big deal, but what do you do?”

According to National Weather Service meteorologist Gary Wicklund, the morning of June 7 tied a record low in Idaho Falls at 31 degrees and broke a cold record in Stanley, Idaho, at 19 degrees…

…June 7 cold spell and some previous cold nights likely hurt winter wheat fields, which have experienced head emergence earlier than normal.”

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I wonder how soon we’ll be fighting in the streets for food.

9 thoughts on “Record low temps in Eastern Idaho hammer potato crop”

  1. “It’s the republicans’ fault”. “It’s the denialists’ fault for not acting fast enough.” “It’s global warming the more freak late cold we see…be afraid, very afraid.” Unless the media ignores it, then it never happened, right?

    Seriously, I’m always sorry to hear about untimely natural events hurting someone’s mode of living, including especially growing food. And weird cold events are becoming more common. Here in the intermountain SW, I can assure you that is the case, though at least this spring-early summer was the first to be a bit warmer than usual in years.

    But am not holding my breath, as most Augusts since 2004 have been more like Sept, Sept more like October, etc. I hope not, but it may be the trend.

    (and for the record, I’m not nor ever have been under the pay of big oil, don’t even like them one bit)

    • Those guys have consistently refused to allow the creation of a potato futures contract. Simplot, Lamb-Weston, etc all round it up ahead of time, and the growers are simply intimidated or dumb.

  2. 100,000 acres? That’s a lot of French fries. One a more serious note, it does seem that optimal growing conditions for a particular crop are being pushed further south. What I don’t understand is that the new, revised USDA growing zone map has pushed us here in central WV from 6a to 6b. I have been unable to overwinter ANY Zone 6 plants since I arrived almost 3 years ago. Others here agree that we are Zone 5b.. end of. Has anyone else noticed this for their own areas?

  3. Actually this happened in late spring. Summer doesn’t begin for another day yet. Still, Weird World Weather Continues……

  4. Sure isn’t cold in Colorado we had 3 straight days of record heat in the Denver metro area…

    • denver so far june 2012 ave 71.8 +5.9 above ave, warmest june averages(73.5 1994 73.4 1956 72.8 1933,2006) warmest june temp 104 1994

      • houston tx so far the monthly ave for june 2012(82.6) is only(+0.6)from ave, ave high and low as of june 20th 92 74. warmest junes (2011 86.2)1906 85.9)

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