Record Thanksgiving snowfall in Utah

Almost triple previous record in some areas.

“Friends and neighbors came together on Thursday for more than a turkey dinner, but to help each other dig out after a record-breaking early-season snowstorm,” reports

13 inches of global warming goodness fell at KVNU’s weather reporting station by Thursday afternoon. That’s almost triple the the station’s previous record snow total for November 28 was the 4.5 inches that accumulated back in 1975 (solar minimum of cycle 20).

Furthermore, surrounding areas saw upwards of 20 inches — Clarkston, for example, recorded an historic 26 inches of early-season snow on Thursday, according to the NWS.

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4 thoughts on “Record Thanksgiving snowfall in Utah”

  1. How many turkeys are consumed by the Yanks every thanksgiving day, and per annum? Presumably not by the vegans.

  2. I lived in Salt Lake for a few years (1973-1975, went to school there)… and both years it snowed before Halloween. I called it “trug-o-treating” when I had to bundle my kid up in a snowsuit with costume on top…. and we had to wade through a couple of feet of dry snow for trick-or-treating.

    So not sure just how unprecedented that report could be…

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