Red Alert – Snow chaos across Europe

RED ALERT issued across Europe as heavy snow continues. More than 2,000 people trapped. Three feet of snow overnight. Up to 6 feet more snow expected. 17 deaths so far.

10 Jan 2019 – Europe’s snow chaos has deepened with up to six feet more snowfall expected before the weekend leaving even more residents stranded.

At least 17 people have died including a teenager killed in avalanche in St. Anton am Arlberg.

The highest red warnings for snow have been imposed in Germany and Austria amid fears of more avalanches.

More than 1,000 miles of ski slope and 450 ski lifts have been closed because of the weather.

In Slovakia, a 37-year-old man was killed by an avalanche in the Mala Fatra mountains.

In the Austrian town of Hohentauern 2,000 people were trapped as three feet of snow fell overnight, Bild reported.

Forecaster blames ‘climate change’

A German weather forecaster told Deutschlandfunk that climate change was making extreme weather events such as these last longer.

‘Certain weather situations, once they exist, stay put for longer’ as a result of rising temperatures at the North Pole, he said.

“A result of rising temperatures at the North Pole”? Those are lies, says reader Argiris Diamantis. “I just checked. The North Pole temperature was minus 31,5 C (-24.7 F).,97.88,679/loc=-67.598,89.903
Photo: Out of service: A snow-covered commuter train is stuck on the track at Berchtesgaden station in southern Germany, a town where hundreds of people have been left trapped
Photo: Escape: A man climbs out and abandons his car after it got stuck in snow in Kars, Turkey, with the cold snap in Europe spreading towards the Mediterranean
Photo: Slow progress: A bus and car near Berchtesgaden try to make their way along the icy road while a man walks nearby amid a cold snap across central Europe
Photo: Bad day for a bike ride: A bicycle is covered in snow while a child climbs stairs in the background in Ilmenau, central Germany, as Europe’s cold weather chaos deepens
Photo: A German Army vehicles provides food to a village near Berchtesgaden, southern Germany, where residents have been trapped by the snow
Photo: A snow plough clears a road on Thursday in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in southern Germany, close to the Austrian border
Video: Germany digs out after heavy snowfall causes travel chaos
Photo: Cars queue on the motorway A8 between Salzburg and Munich after heavy snowfalls near Irschenberg, southern Germany

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  1. Given that AGW alarmists are constantly bickering about how mid-latitude glaciers are disappearing and threatening water supplies to millions of people, why in the WORLD are they arguing these events as a “negative” about the potential effects of climate change?

  2. This is how ice ages begin!

    With all this extreme cold and snow going on, how dare they don’t mention that this an ice age approaching??? These liberals responsible for these outrageous lies about climate change should be put to prison forever – on a chain gang 20 hours per day. They already have 17+ dead because of THEM. I hope the French keep rioting against the government and the rest of Europe too.

    • AGW was intended to change the way we create energy. Since we have been “electrifying” houses for decades, eliminating other heating means, as an example, such as oil or gas furnaces, we have been setting the Northern Hemisphere temperate region up for the ice age. When you then make the electricity unreliable, think how easily you can “kill off” literally millions of people in a harsh winter?

      I’ve said right along, the AGW/CO2 crap is about population reduction in the now, not in the future. And what is happening right now will not change the push for a carbon free energy system since that is a requirement for the “mass murder by Mother Nature” that they are planning. They KNOW an ice age is coming and they want a significantly reduced population for when it really sets in. You are not going to tell your victims the truth before you do them in since then you might not be able to.

      • “population reduction” through global cooling will only affect the first world population. Third world population will continue to multiply

        • Deon — The Third World population continuing to multiply may not come to pass. Since the major grain producing regions of the world (Canada, US, Russia) are going to be drastically impacted by the coming Mini Ice Age by crop failures, the Third World won’t be able to continue to import the grain, especially the wheat, that it needs. The MENA countries (Middle East, North Africa) already import more than half of the grain they need for their populations. I believe Yemen imports 94 percent of its grain. They are all well beyond the carrying capacity of their own agricultural land, and there will be mass starvation in those nations.

      • Tom O — don’t think that the rapid implementation of AI and robotics isn’t meant to eliminate literally billions of people around the world as well.

        If, as some of the expert reports out there state, up to “40% of the world’s jobs” are at risk of elimination, what do we do with all these people who have no other means of making money to afford food, clothing, shelter, etc? Do you think they all can become programmers, AI coders, solar panel installers, etc? Of course not. And civilized society will not allow rampant chaos by people without hope.

        They. Will. Be. Eliminated.

  3. That German forecaster is nothing but a full fledged liar – bought and paid for by the EU and Soros crowd. 25 below at the North Pole certainly does NOT indicate rising temps up there or anywhere else. Plus we have all-time record highs for sea ice extent in both poles!

    • ah but it might…..just might be a percentage of a degree higher than the same day last yr
      and thats all the excuse they need to scream warming Arctic!
      and utter fools will believe it totally!

    • During Meridional Jet stream activities during the solar cyclic minimum period and during Grand Solar Minimum cooling events, it is normal for the oceanic arctic regions centred on the North coast of Norway to be LESS cold than normal, particularly early in the winter season, with the coldest months January to March.
      Baltic SST chart and I haven’t seen this for a long time
      This is due to Blocking Highs and Lows parked over Scandinavia either dragging cold, windy wet weather down over Norway and the rest of Europe, or very cold, less wet, but still windy weather around Finland towards the west coast of Europe and down to France and on to Iberia.
      The current 850 Mb nine day panel shows this well.
      This chart is horrendous for the last two weeks of January on the European mainland, it doesn’t look very good for the British Isles with a developing High Pressure system ridging over Scandinavia toward the end of the forecast plot bringing an Easterly very cold flow of air from Northern Russia.
      Warming is in the eye of the beholder, 245K or -28.16C is only a few degrees warmer than mean for this time of year
      You also have to remember Government Met Offices wither UK or German is part of the Carbon Credit propaganda energy war against the people, they don’t work for the people, they work for the State and the State want taxes on energy.

  4. At some point in the very near future, those that would destroy western style democracy will realize that the Global Warming power grab must now be swapped for the Global Cooling power grab.
    Quite frankly I am surprised they haven’t done it already, since the vast majority of us aren’t buying the Global Warming polemic.

    What will happen when they say “You know what, you’re right. The world is heading for a catastrophic cooling. Because of that you must give us the power to control everything otherwise everybody dies”.

    • already covered
      thats why or one of the whys;-) they swapped to CC as a broad spectrum CYA one size fits all the lies
      cooling didnt back in the 70s
      they are stupid but they did learn enought to have the second run at global control..
      im just miffed this didnt hit EU when the polish gabfest was happening
      a more deserving bunch to be snowed in/avalanched on would be hard to find

  5. Having read in detail the extremely calm reporting in the Austrian communities actually affected over the past five days, the following is true:

    1. Villages temporarily cut off are not starving, the approach roads are closed for safety reasons. Friday and Saturday will see access achieved and any necessary evacuations completed. There is no panic, nor fear.
    2. The levels of snow have been seen to similar levels in 2012, 2009 and 1999, albeit not as early in the season. The February 1999 event was of similar length as this one will be (it will end next Tuesday/Wednesday after around 17 days).
    3. The big snow depths are found above 650-750m with a metre, more or much more found in villages across Northern Austria. On the mountains, three to five metres of snow has accumulated in many locations.

    This is not a global warming event: similar events occurred in 1951 and snow depths in 1979, almost 40 years ago, were equal to this.

    Nonetheless, locals are calling this a 30-100 year event currently, a number which will doubtless be firmed up when the event completes next week. By this they mean at this specific time of year, rather than at any time through the season….

    The biggest feature of the event is the extraordinary level of voluntary commitment to serving community needs, in terms of clearing snow from paths, streets, roofs etc.

    There is no panic, sophisticated event planning based on previous experience is evident and stories of moving dialysis patients from isolated communities into regional hospitals to ensure health safety are symptomatic of how communities come together when weather challenges come their way.

    As for ‘global warming’, the argument used in Austria concerns tracking snow depths at different altitudes over at least sixty years. Austria has found declining snow levels at low altitudes, whereas snow levels at higher altitudes may in some places have actually increased. They live there, but they may have created many small heat island by growing their rural tourist resorts significantly over the decades, thereby warming alpine valleys.

    It is agreed that the Sudden Stratospheric Warming event triggered this ‘Nordstau’, with several groups independently predicting it many days in advance.

    SSWs have not yet been studied sufficiently for people to know if their frequency or magnitude is affected by climate cycles, including the 20th century warming.

    • The “Great Leveller” hates local people working together to solve their own problems. That’s why they must be crowded into condos. in big cities, for maximum control.

  6. ““A result of rising temperatures at the North Pole”? Those are lies, says reader Argiris Diamantis. “I just checked. The North Pole temperature was minus 31,5 C (-24.7 F).”
    Agreed. Don’t these reporters of the MSM ever check the facts?

    No rising temperatures in the Arctic according the latest DMI plot. Actually it is rapidly falling (from -23 deg to -28 deg C) and the ice has been expanding all this year (2019).

    • same here in Québec.
      hoping for the best,
      but preparing for the worst..
      …thanks to the work of Bob, here.
      (your 2 books where astounding ! ) ( j’ai adoré les lire. )

  7. It seems that John the 1st hasn’t caught on yet.
    “otherwise everybody dies”.
    That’s their plan.

  8. If this weather is the result of the displaced polar vortex then it would be true to say that it was due to polar warming as in a ‘sudden stratospheric warming’, but this would be a weather event not ‘climate change’. Unless the changes brought by the start of the little ice age are making this more likely with the jetstream change.

    • Because the MSM news available in the USA
      is purveyed by the USA Communist Party
      who call themselves democrats.

  9. Fact: the oceanic overturning current takes 500 years to move 1Lt of water from the cold descending water on the ice margins of the Arctic Ocean and deliver it into the middle of the Rising Colum of water in the centre of the Pacific.
    The fact that flowing water Colum is heavily saturated with CO2 is a minor point, until you work out that most of that water commenced raining out of the atmosphere at the start of the major Spoorer GSM period of 70 years that start date coincided with the start of the hockey stick rise in CO2 in 1950.
    The ‘Little Ice Age’ hundreds of years ago is STILL cooling the bottom of Pacific, researchers find
    charles the moderator / 2 days ago January 9, 2019
    From The Daily Mail
    The Little Ice Age brought colder-than-average temps around the 17th century
    Researchers say temperatures in deep Pacific lag behind those at the surface
    As a result, parts of the deep Pacific is now cooling from long ago Little Ice Age

    By Cheyenne Macdonald For
    As much of the ocean responds to the rising temperatures of today’s world, the deep, dark waters at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean appear to be doing the exact opposite.
    A Harvard study has found that parts of the deep Pacific may be getting cooler as the result of a climate phenomenon that occurred hundreds of years ago.
    Around the 17th century, Earth experienced a prolonged cooling period dubbed the Little Ice Age that brought chillier-than-average temperatures to much of the Northern Hemisphere.
    Though it’s been centuries since this all played out, researchers say the deep Pacific appears to lag behind the waters closer to the surface, and is still responding to the Little Ice Age.
    Only the top 200 M of the Oceanic water Colum is relatively CO2 free. The bit that receives light and heat from the Sun, above SST 26 C the top 50M is CO2 gased out.
    The biggest sequestration of water soluble CO2 is in the Oceans below 200 M, and by my loose data calculation it will be 2420 before the excess LIA CO2 out gassing returns to Solar Warm period values after the Dalton GSM had finished.

  10. I always thought bad weather and storms were caused by cold fronts meeting warm fronts. The bigger the temperature difference the more violent the storms. If true, wouldn’t a warmer arctic result in milder weather?

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