Regulating cow farts in California

Even though there is no known way to do it. Expect the price of milk to go up

California’s Governor Moonbeam continued his assault on common sense Monday, pushing through a law meant to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from dairy farms and landfills.

Under Senate Bill 1383, methane emissions must be reduced by 40 percent from 2013 levels by 2030, while black carbon emissions must be slashed 50 percent.

How is this to be achieved? Via a cap-and-trade plan, of course.

The state’s head of the National Federation of Independent Business called the “arbitrary” limits a “direct assault on California’s dairy industry.”

“The ARB (Air Resouces Board) wants to regulate cow emissions, even though there’s no known way to achieve this reduction,” said Anja Raudabaugh, CEO of Western United Dairymen,

What next? People farts? How about breathing?

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“How would they regulate cow farts anyway? asks Jean. “Tell farmers they can’t feed them chili (I’m sure they don’t already).. no, they are either going to charge the farmer a fine or make them cut the size of their herds by 40% or something? Expect the price of milk to go up!”

20 thoughts on “Regulating cow farts in California

  1. They don’t have to regulate, but change the type of Cow!
    The Modern Holstein milk cow has a specific type of bacteria in its gut track, deigned to process Grass and the cellulose it contains. The cow infects its offspring via its milk and the cycle continues.
    Change the specie of Cows and you change the specie of bacteria, which changes the amount of Methane produced the farm produces. In doing so, the farmer would take his farm out of the Cap and Trade trap.
    An example is the NA Buffalo; a member of the ruminant specie, very close to the cow in DNA terms yet produces far less Methane in its digestion tract. It meat is far better for human to eat.
    But then again this is the Green Socialist bankrupt state of the Union. The Cap and Trade is just a smaller version of the Carbon Credit fraud. Methane in the atmosphere has a short life; it decays in shortwave radiation from the Sun.

  2. Cow burps, not farts. The same error hit headlines for the New Zealand “fart tax”. Methane is generated by bacteria in the rumen and eliminated through their mouths. Methane from non-ruminants is generated by bacteria in the large intestine (bowel). In both cases it relates to bacteria degrading fibrous material in the diet.

  3. The answer is as obvious as it is simple. You reduce cow farts 40% by reducing the cow population by 40%. All vegans know that you can drink soy milk – so what if it changes your hormonal balance, it isn’t animal, so who needs cow’s milk? Surely everyone in the “fruits and nuts” state can afford an all organic, vegan diet, just like moonbeam can since it is paid for by tax payers, so who needs dairy products?

    I trust anyone reading this recognizes that it is sarcasm and not a supportive statement for anything as ignorant as a cap and trade bill for cow farts. The only honest and sincere part of the above was recognizing that this comes from the “fruits and nuts state.”

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  5. exodus of farmers from cali
    or bankruptcies galore
    Aus uni in WA spent millions on some idiotic plan to transfer Kangaroo gut bacteria to cows to cut methane
    millions wasted as it was a dud
    which any sane person already knew
    crossing species bacteria is a really STUPID idea and cows have a totally different gut process than bloody roos do
    but some bimbo and others got a lot of media greenwashing n funding to waste our money and their labtime
    which SHOULD have been used to better purpose!

    • Interesting… and weird!

      BTW, did they then create “mad kangaroos”, the way the mad cow problem was created by feeding other animals to cows?

  6. It’s just another tax to extract money from producers and hide the taxation from taxpayers by causing prices to rise. Consumers see the increased price and pay not knowing the cause of the increase. They will probably issue tax stamps, or maybe the farmers will have to register their cows and have a license plate or ear tag showing the tax was paid. There will be state inspectors on gold plated retirement plans and more bureaucracy to support. The dairy and cattle industry will quietly exit this state. Eventually there will be no cows, no tax revenue, and dairy and beef will be much more expensive having to be brought in rather than grown here. The CA politicians will declare it a great success.

  7. There’s lots more people than cows. People fart too. I think we need laws to regulate people farts. Maybe we can do a cap-and-trade thingy, we can charge everybody a methane emissions tax for the right to fart. Maybe we can put fart detectors on everybody so the more you fart the more you pay.

    Or we can plop higher taxes on fart-inducing foods, like beans and cabbage.

    Too bad nobody running for President is able to explain to everybody that the climate has been changing all the time for hundreds of millions of years, so it’s probably not our fault, and there probably ain’t nothin’ we can do to make the ever-changing climate stop changing.

  8. Forcing farmers to cut the size of herds in California, will just increase the size of herds elsewhere to meet the demand for milk. The price of milk will go up, and probably someone somewhere is hoping consumption will go down. This is an indirect assault on consuming animal protein. In addition, I agree it seems to be an excuse to implement a cap and trade scheme. Cap and trade would inevitably involve the creation of more derivative financial instruments, (as though the economy isn’t already burdened with enough arcane financial instruments, such as credit default swaps), and suck investment capital out of expenditures on hardware and equipment, which would otherwise create jobs, expand the economy, and actually do something constructive to improve people’s lives.

  9. If people don’t wake up, there won’t be an ounce of creativity left because no one will be able to afford to start up a new business or perform any meaningful research. A Pox on their house.

  10. Next fart and burp tax will hit us too anything for government too make money from on the fake global warming rubbish sad sad poor farmers has enough on there plate without another stupid tax

  11. Well OK, maybe it is cow burps… and not cow farts. Maybe there is a breed of cow that produces less burps. But the point is still… where is the proof that cow farts OR burps from any breed of cow causes “global warming” (or that warming is bad)?

    I know there are places in the ocean that hold large amounts of trapped methane (I can’t remember how… in ice? or in rock?) … that if those are released can be very hazardous (kill off people if it happens too close to shore where that happens and sink ships for example).

    If you’re going to spend money trying to control methane for any reason, wouldn’t it make more sense to try to reduce the hazard from those kinds of methane?

  12. Methane Hydrates.
    Recent research indicated a significant sub surface land slip off the coast of Norway 8200 years ago which released a significant amount of methane hydrates to the atmosphere, so much so its caused an identifiable Tidal wave which affect the North coast of Scotland and much of the North Atlantic coast line.
    Submarine slope-failure offshore Norway triggers rapid gas hydrate

  13. The methane released by cows pales in comparison to the hot air expelled by Moonbeam, Feinstein, Boxer and the rest of the California politicians……….

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