Remember this one? Arctic summers were supposed to be ice free by now

“Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’, read the headline.

2 Dec 2007 –  The latest scientific models indicate that “northern polar waters could be ice-free in summers within just 5-6 years,” wrote BBC science reporter Jonathan Amos.

It’s “one of the most dramatic forecasts yet for the disappearance of Arctic sea ice,” Amos enthused.

Amos then refers to Professor Wieslaw Maslowski, who told an American Geophysical Union meeting that previous computer-generated models had “seriously underestimated” the processes now driving ice loss.

Turns out that Professor Maslowski was wrong.

Very, very wrong. This year the Arctic has seen the quickest refreeze ever recorded.  Satellite images show far more ice now than in 2012.

When will people begin to understand that this man-made global warming thing is a hoax, a total con-job used to control and tax them?
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“I wonder how much BBC spent to send this bloke to San Francisco to write such precious article,” says Amedeo. “It was worth every single penny. I enjoy going back reading it occasionally.”

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  1. In the same vein, remember alarmist James Hansen’s solemn prediction (circa 1980) that by 2010 the perimeter highway around Manhattan was to be permanently under water?

    Apparently, any rise in sea level is too small to be measured.

    And he’s still at it.

    These pathetic characters need shaming in front of the citizenry.

  2. I just swam back from the North Pole (And my arms are killing Me) and it’s true, the Arctic Sea Ice is gone !

    I clung to/on the last piece of Ice just before it melted !!

    Fortunately, a seal saved Me, carried Me back to the tip of Greenland, where I then saw that “all” of the Ice there was gone too !!!

    And amazingly, the Greenland Ice Sheets didn’t melt, they “evaporated”, because of Global Wooling !

    So I rode a Quad across the barren Greenland Sand Dunes until I reached the South Coast, then it was back into the Ocean where I swam South around “Cape Horn” into the Pacific, then North to Huntington Beach where I met up with the Seal who rescued Me !

    We cooked up some Yellow-Fin Tuna, drank a few Beers, and when’t are own ways…


    The End

  3. Show the evidence that the polar ice caps were maintained all through an ice-age. Show that the ice was continuous over the North Pole from Europe to Canada as many have supposed.
    We know is that the land (at about 65° North, and further south) was covered in snow and glacial ice. But we know nothing about the state of the polar region itself.

    The waxing and waning of the polar icecap does not indicate the global climate trends, it indicates the local climate conditions and that is all. Mostly the temperature of the water about the pole, (and unlike the surrounding land.)

    As early as the 16th century, many eminent people correctly believed that the North Pole was in a sea, which in the 19th century was called the Polynya or Open Polar Sea…

    It seems that people in earlier times were a lot more in touch with the world than we are now. They considered the polar region to be a sea, and as such it has the temperature not necessarily of the land, so lack or excess of the ice at the north pole is not an indicator of climate trends. Such ideas are just supposition, assumptions, and far out wild imagining. What others call b*||shıŦ.

  4. Much better to look at a trusted site.
    This site shows the extent and drift of the oceanic ice in the Arctic.
    The BBC is a confirmed propagandist for the AGW crew, fully supporting the Labour Government drive toward ending carbon energy production, starving the nuclear industry of investment funding and the drive towards Wind powered generation.
    Very little Wind power generation has took place over the last 14 days due to the large static high pressure system over the North Sea and ridging over the UK.
    Wind power is a substitute to reduce costs for carbon generation, it is not a replacement.

      • Yes, Labour governments come in 2 shades – red or blue. We currently have a Blue Labour government that replaced the Liberal coalition last year. They confuse a lot of people by calling themselves the ‘Conservative Party’ after a former party that believed low taxation, individual responsibility, small government, capitalism. They disappeared when some bloke known as Call Me Dave came along. What ever happened to him?

    • You forgot to mention that the BBC and the Labor Government also want to make England into an Islamic nation. Sharia law for everyone.

  5. I just couldn’t let this go, from that BBC story…

    Professor Maslowski’s group, which includes co-workers at Nasa and the Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS), is well known for producing modelled dates that are in advance of other teams.”

    and then quotes Maslowski…

    We use a high-resolution regional model for the Arctic Ocean and sea ice forced with realistic atmospheric data. This way, we get much more realistic forcing, from above by the atmosphere and from the bottom by the ocean.”

    with a conclusion….

    The implication is that this is not a cycle, not just a fluctuation. The loss this year will precondition the ice for the same thing to happen again next year, only worse.

    BUT! It was a fluctuation, it was just a cycle. It didn’t get worse.

    But then to be fair he did truly say….

    “A few years ago, even I was thinking 2050, 2070, out beyond the year 2100, because that’s what our models were telling us. But as we’ve seen, the models aren’t fast enough right now; we are losing ice at a much more rapid rate.

    My thinking on this is that 2030 is not an unreasonable date to be thinking of.”

    So I guess we have another 14 years of this IDIOCY to continue. Now why is that year ringing so interesting?

    Maybe it is because he got is Ph.D. in 1994, that should put him about mid to late 20s at most. And at 2030, it will put him right at about retiring age!!

    How convenient, Maslowski comes up with a theory, and of course constant funding, until he retires. No matter if the North Pole is solid ice in 2030, Maslowski had a nice career defrauding taxpayers and getting a nice retirement package, even though his entire career was based on fraudulent science.

    Convenient how these theories all tend to have a magic date that ends with these scam-artists’scientists’, retirements. Very convenient indeed!

  6. Just an after thought.

    Imagine what kind of person they must be, when they, from their first years at university, decide to plan out their entire career going into a false field of research, lie, cheat and basically steal public money, so that they can end up with a Ph.D that is useless, but educate/teach/advise, students and governments, false theories, all so they can spend their entire career with the title of Professor, and go into a comfortable retirement, all having never done a single day of honest work or research? All because it is easier to create a false scientific field than to WORK, LONG AND HARD, and many times for MANY YEARS, in dull and 99% of the time thankless HONEST research.

    What kind of sick, selfish, greedy mind it takes to do just that.

    Science is dead, its now taken over by the unscrupulous and corrupt. Politics and Science have now merge into a marriage of shameful lust and deprived indifference and destruction, to Society. Alas oh Science, you are no more.

    Maslowski you reek of the stench of putrid self interest. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, but your kind have no heart or soul, and see Society as your way to self-indulge yourselves.

    And thanks to organizations like the BBC who can’t fact check and just run stories on political ideology… you’re a disgrace to Humanity too!

  7. Weather cannot be predicted accurately two weeks in advance and yet the evil ones want us to believe they know what the weather/climate is going to be 20 years from now. Hubris! It is all hubris!…and more than a little smoke and mirrors and a major case of defrauding the public.

  8. Yes, Labour government of Bair, Brown, Balls, with Environment Secretary Miliband, and his sabotage of economic prosperity in the UK by making energy so expensive that the working class had to be given tax credits simply to pay for the levies on energy and industry can’t afford to produce steel in this country.
    This same metropolitan elites hooked on deindustrialisation, as carbon is bad and wind is brilliant. That nuclear is far worse.
    The same Government with its light touch of the banking industry which gave the UK the 2008 credit crunch crash, because it allowed the banks to buy fraudulent financial instrument from US bankers, the same light touch which led to the PPI scandal and the billions of £ of compensation.
    The same government which screwed up the pension industry and the method people where using to purchase their house – endowments. The same labour government with its quick taxation hikes which has had unintended consequences which far out way any benefit, and like, not fixing the UK financial roof while the sun was shining.
    Financial monetary crashes like the 1929 depression and the 2008 crash take 15 to 20 years to correct, we are only half way though, both where caused by a US corrupt banking industry which was aided by a UK socalist mentality of spending every now, as the next lot will have to put it right, so we can have another go at creating a socalist state.

      • Agreed, the root cause remained the same though.
        Short termism bankers, not understanding their taxation frauds, and stock bubbles, when they pop in their faces, the ripples at first don’t affect them, but those ripples turn in tidalwaves at the edges of the financial pond where the rest of us try to earn a living.

        I hope your father is still with you, and wish him well if he is, he has survived interesting times.

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