26 thoughts on “Remember Spock/Leonard Nimoy warning us of another ice age in 1979??”

  1. Amazing how so called scientists changed their views so quickly when all that funding for “global warming” suddenly appeared in the 80’s.

  2. Talk about coincidence! I just finished watching this over at youtube. I’m in my sixties and I remember when this episode was first aired. that episode of “In Search of…” is a definite oldie but goodie.

  3. If you want to eliminate as many deplorables as possible. Have them prepare for the exact opposite calamity than what is actually about to fall upon them.

    Next pass rules regulations that extract as much wealth out of the productive members of society in the form of Carbon Taxes , Fees, and limit their production [Cap] and Trade [purchase carbon credits] in order to be allowed to continue to produce [stay in business]…

    Use that new found confiscated wealth to fund the purchase of Rain Forest properties World Wide under the banner of protecting the forest and or acquiring “carbon offsets”. Which is true, however, in the dual use case [there always is a hidden agenda], this land will be some of the only warm arable land remaining in an otherwise brutal Ice Ages World.

    When this all becomes obvious it would not surprise me to see the “caretakers” moving onto the land to protect it from the deplorables….. Just saying I don’t think this is much of a reach at all. LOL.

  4. Well, certainly I tend to trust more in a renowned Vulcan science officer of Starfleet from the 23rd Century than in a bogus, fabricated consensus of Earthling scientists from nowadays.

    By the way, isn’t it interesting that the sea level in San Francisco at Spock’s time is the same of today? 🙂

  5. That was the same year that ever-fashionable Robert Altman made a surpassingly silly movie called “Quintet” about an ice age world (made on the cheap — they recycled a lot of Shakespearean costume). Wolves ran in the streets while the few survivors played a game with living pieces to see who would get to live.
    If only thode survivors had the wit to burn fossil fuels! If only!

  6. Freeze cycles have been seen for hundreds of millions of years scientific research has confirmed. But that data and info is being ignored by the AGW sham scientists. No wonder the world is in such a shabby state due to their twisted and destructive technologies. They should all be sent home without emoluments and pensions. That is the least they deserve.

  7. Actually the transition time has been found to be as short as 3 to 20 years to go from inter-glacial conditions to that of a major glaciation.
    It could easily be mistaken for a mini ice age.

  8. Yes I remember that well. I wish you’d posted the link to the entire show tho (if it’s still around). It was note worthy and highly believable!

  9. Unlike the current CO2-caused Global Warming hysteria, the threat of an approaching “Ice Age” Glacial Period that was presented in the 1970s was based on solid science — including the combined evidence of the geologic record, ice cores, sea sediments, and pollens, all of which matched the cyclical insolation (amount of sunlight) pattern caused by the orbital Milankovitch cycles. In the 1970s, it was confirmed that the Milankovitch cycles cause the Ice Age cycle — which is taught in earth-science textbooks.

    In the 1970s, the media emphasized the fact that a large change in the Earth’s mean global temperature could happen within decades — in that way the media promoted “global cooling hysteria” in the 1970s. In spite of the fact that the climate in the 1980s and 90s became warmer, the scientific evidence for an approaching Glacial Period was valid, and it remains valid. Some scientists claim that our current warm interglacial (the Holocene) will be different from the previous interglacials by lasting twice as long — giving us another 15,000 years of a warm climate. However, that theory of a warm 15,000-year extension is speculative.

    Based on the regularity and timing of the Ice Age cycle so far, we should expect the descent into the next Glacial Period to begin (approximately) within hundreds of years, or perhaps within our own lifetimes. The idea that either natural or anthropogenic causes will intercede to prevent the next Glacial Period from returning within its usual time-frame is speculative — and it is perhaps a result of wishful thinking.

    If planners and governments want to prepare for a substantial “climate change” in the future, it’s global cooling they should be concerned about, not global warming. Firstly, because severe global cooling is more likely to happen (eventually). Secondly, because the effects of global cooling will be far more devastating than global warming. A global sea-level rise caused by global warming would be easier to cope with than arctic conditions in Northern Europe, Russia, Canada, and Alaska caused by global cooling. A warmer global climate would be a net benefit for all life on Earth.

    • As I stated above, the idea that there will be an “extension” of the current Holocene interglacial, for it to last for another 15,000 years, has been proposed by some scientists. That hypothetical 15,000-year “extension” is highly speculative and it runs counter to the normal pattern of the Ice Age cycle. I have found a source (the University of Calgary, 2018) that expands that hypothetical “extension” by 10X, to a whopping 150,000 years (!!) — which would mean that the Earth will skip the next Glacial Period altogether. Read the quote below and you will see how this speculation has been presented as “settled science” by the University of Calgary.

      “Presently, we are experiencing an abnormally long interglacial called the Holocene that has lasted nearly 11,000 years. A new glaciation has been expected to begin; however, due to human induced climate change or anthropogenic climate change, the next glaciation is being delayed anywhere from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of years. Therefore, it is expected that the Holocene interglacial may last at least another 150,000 years.”
      — University of Calgary, June 4, 2018. https://energyeducation.ca/encyclopedia/Glacial_and_interglacial_periods

  10. I’m glad Spock was able to find a good surgeon and get his ears sorted out LOL. Imagine the stress, bullying and anxiety as he was growing up. Children can be so cruel to anyone who doesn’t fit in.
    Unfortunately the scientific and medical establishments show the same cruelty towards anyone promoting ideas non-mainstream.

  11. Interesting to note that the ice age of the 1970s was going to be caused by industrial pollution. When that didn’t happen, they “discovered” that carbon dioxide from industrial societies caused global warming. Now, it causes “climate change,” and if it get warmer, fine, it was caused by the output of carbon dioxide from industrial societies, but if it get cold instead of warm, the cold was caused by the warming which was caused by “carbon” emissions from industrial societies.

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