Remote Alaska to stockpile food

Gov. Sean Parnell worries a major earthquake or volcanic eruption could leave the state’s 720,000 residents stranded and cut off from food and supply lines. His answer: Build giant warehouses full of emergency food and supplies, just in case.

(Excerpts) – Unlike the rest of the lower 48, help isn’t a few miles away. When a fall storm cut off Nome from its final fuel supply last winter, a Russian tanker spent weeks breaking through thick ice to reach the remote town.

The state plans two food stockpiles in or near Fairbanks and Anchorage…. The goal is to have enough food to feed 40,000 people for up to a week, including three days of ready-to-eat meals and four days of bulk food that can be prepared and cooked for large groups.

Sounds like a very intelligent idea to me. Should prevent at least some of that fighting in the streets for food that concerns me.

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  1. I don’t mean to sound canaptious or anything but the figures struck me. 720,000 people, take away 40,000 meals leaves 680,000 people unacounted for?, hoping mind you, that a few hundred thousand of those took storage upon themselves too of course, just seems wierd to be using a specific figure of meals which wouldn’t tally with an even bigger specific number of mouths. Did i miss something?.

      • Dunno about that Robert, i wonder what proportion of that number would be elderly who have paid a lifetime of taxes too but then, having said that i don’t see the elderly being caught out without storage because of experience alone *smiles*……on the other hand, a lot of our elderly are vulnerable too.

        • As Kelly said, it’s Alaska, every one has a rifle, and lives near alot of wild game. If their is one state in theunion that can take care of themselves, it is Alaska. Alot of you may be surprised but in the lower populated areas, folks take care of each other, not asking uncle Obama to save them all the time.

          • Lol, i have no doubt of that whatsoever, Alaska has a rich and broad spectrum of wildlife, looking in wikipedia, parts of Alaska has one brown bear per square mile and i totaly understand the concept of neighbour looking after and out for neighbour. No, it was the figures that intrigued me i mean, for it to be printed publicly you just don’t have to be a mathematition or even a statistition to take 40,000 from 720,000 and for something that is suposed to be looking after people in an emergency for a total of one week at the most, don’t you find that wierd?.

  2. FEMA maintains warehouses all over the country. I would think that would include Alaska. Maybe the state wants something that they control without having to jump through Federal bureaucratic hoops?
    Regardless, its a good idea. Hope they rotate their stock better than FEMA. When I deployed for Katrina we were handing out C-rations from the late 70’s and first generation MRE’s from the early/mid 80’s.

    • Well if I get one again I will take chicken chow mien with cheese and crackers. If I get pork patties angel of death please take me!

      • No ham and turkey loaf?
        Cheese was good, hot dogs were good and real early on they had dehydrated peaches and strawberries. Those were great. Especially if mixed in your creamer ad sugar packs. But yeah, the dehydrated beef and or pork patties were only useful if you needed to sand something down.

  3. That would mean at the end of the week , most people would be concentrated near the food points . A better idea is look after yourself and keep 6 months of food , to avoid government control and concentration . If you go with the heard eventually you will end up in the slaughter house .

  4. Of course it’s also Alaska. They could step off their back porch and shoot a bear or an elk and have food for the entire winter.

  5. Good idea indeed. But if your state isn’t this prudent, google “emergency food.” You can get enough food packed to last 10-20 years to feed an adult for about 1 month for a little over a hundred dollars. It’s compact, about the size of a five gallon bucket, and easily concealed. Write your own insurance policy!

  6. There will be MUCH fighting in the streets AND wilds of Alaska Robert. As Val so astutely points out, there will only be enough food stockpiled for 40,000 people. I can guarantee that food already has names on it, 40,000 of the “elite.”

  7. The problem also is the shear size of the state, and food in just two areas would not and cannot support the out lying areas let alone those cities. Helicopters and bush planes and even govt. supply drops would be short as the amount for 40,000 for a week is a small token. I would encourage the people to do their own supplies NOW and if govt. wants to reemburse so be it. But alas a good many rely on govt. assistance now, even up there. I am not and will not accept doles like that. I have been self sufficant all my life and have helped many. As being retired I am able to help more with their self worth in showing it can be done even with little, all depends on your attitude and out look on life. I am not well off but have been wise in my spending habits and now have enough and to spare. People every where should have enough on hand for at least, repeat at least 6 months of food, water, and other essentials, not just Alaska. It is better to have the food and supplies in your home than in some werehouses hundreds of miles from nowhere and at best 2-3 days to get any if at all. Enough soap box, just prepare your self and have enough to spare.

  8. While I can’t say I’ve met every Alaskan, the few I have are the hardy self sufficient type. I think their governor is selling his people short. They’re probably more prepared than he knows.

    • I know when its snowing some 400km away..
      it is bitterly cold where I am when it does so.
      and it was truly nasty cold yesterday,
      nice to know, what I reckoned, was correct.
      even the long time, born here locals are complaining about the extreme cold this year.

  9. We all argue around the real message!!
    The governor admits that this winter coming would be even worse than last winter!So it does not really matter how much food he is stock-piling but the message is there to do so. So what prevents every household then to do the same as well?

  10. at least Alaska is showing some sense.
    the recent classifying of anyone stockpiling food as probable terorists is a warning of how the govt doesnt Want, people to be free of their control.
    the fact the govt doesnt have enough reserve wheat etc for even two months average consumption.. is a clear warning.
    all those Fema camps..are waiting for the improvident.
    that said
    the govt has the ability to take all and anything of yours it wants, anytiome, under martial law.
    once martial law is declared thats 90 days, renewable as the president sees fit, and while its declared NO elections etc can be held…see the writing on the wall getting larger by the day?

  11. Heating back on as record cold night ends wettest summer.

    The mercury plunged to down to -2.4C (27.7F) in Braemar and 2.1C (35.8) Benson, Oxfordshire on Thursday night, breaking regional records. A cold wind blowing in from the north ended the wettest summer in 100 years with chill temperatures and even tornadoes. During June, July and August there was 366.8mm of rain across the UK this summer, second only to 1912 when there was 384.4 mm rainfall.

  12. There is an arctic rowing team of 5 who tried rowing from Inuvik, Canada around Alaska and to Russia. They never made it past Point Hope, AK. A local in Point Hope area told them “This is the worst summer I can remember.”

    Look up Arcticrow 2012 for their blogs and story.

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