Republican Party platform embraces climate and energy realism

Finally some common sense! Republicans would forbid the EPA from regulating CO2, cancel the agency’s Clean Power Plan, oppose any carbon tax, and defund the United Nations’ climate program.

22 July 2016 – Excerpts from Climate Change Weekly.

“Republicans continue to embrace an all-of-the-above energy policy, in contrast to the Democratic Party’s platform, which calls for “Moving beyond the ‘all of the above’ energy approach [because of] the urgency of climate change as a central challenge of our time. …”

“Terrorism, economic malaise, crime, trade, and border control are pressing issues in need of prompt, effective responses. Futile attempts to control the weather 100 years from now come nowhere near that level of urgency.

“The platform backs presidential candidate Donald Trump’s call to reverse the Obama administration’s “war on coal.”

“Republicans promise to preserve and expand the conveniences made possible by a modern electric power system run largely on relatively inexpensive fossil fuels, while Democrats say they actually want to put it all at risk.”


See entire article by H. Sterling Burnett:

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  1. While the next adminstration cleans house, they might like to look at the frauds in NOAA.
    July Temperature Record Claims Based on Manipulated Data, Published nearly a year ago and worth reminding.
    H. Sterling Burnett
    Climate Change Weekly #184

    “Garbage in, garbage out” is an old saying that applies perfectly to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) recent claim July 2015 was the hottest month ever recorded. The way NOAA calculated temperatures to make this claim gets to the heart of the debate over temperature manipulation. When one understands what government scientists are doing in an effort to promote climate alarmism, rather than to record and report accurate data for analysis, one must despair whether accurate data can be obtained from “official sources.”

    Let’s look at just a few of the issues tending to undermine confidence in NOAA’s claim July was the warmest year on record. First, Anthony Watts’s surface station project has definitively shown numerous official land-based temperature recording stations are in locations that artificially skew the temperatures recorded upward. Such stations violate NOAA’s own standards for data quality, but NOAA continues to use the data because the data fits its alarmist goals.

    Second, as reported in the May 18, 2015, Climate Change Weekly, governments around the world are routinely adjusting their raw temperature data from recent years upwards, while adjusting their temperature data from decades past downward. This makes the warming trend seem even greater than the actual record shows.

    Third, the temperature measurements from the global satellite system – the most accurate temperature measuring system in existence and the one least open to bias – belie NOAA’s claim of record-setting temperatures for July. According to the satellite system data, June 2015 was warmer than July, and July was only the seventh warmest year recorded by the satellites since they began operation in 1979.

    Most importantly, to understand how corrupt NOAA’s data appear to be, and thus how it came to make its record-setting claim for July’s temperature, one must understand how NOAA changed the way it began recording ocean temperature data. The result of that change made headlines in June, when NOAA claimed the nearly two-decades-long temperature pause measured by satellites, weather balloons, and every other temperature recording system on Earth had not occurred.

  2. You got to love the liberal philosophy. It is obvious that “we the people” are, in their eyes, “they the enemy.” Then again, when you reduce living and life to the lowest possible denominator, well haven’t you REALLY actually enforced the “communist manifesto,” so to speak?

  3. politicians say what ever they think sounds good at the moment. Trump is very unlikely to actually do any of those things.

  4. My latest theory… it may be the reason so many politicians are willing to accept AGW and get so panicky about so-called “global warming” is the unfortunate location of Washington, DC.

    Realize that the majority of politicians do NOT come from the South, and although it’s in the upper South… DC is in still part of the southeast and the climate there in summer is hotter than Hades and miserably humid.

    I live in southeastern VA. It’s also hotter than Hades and miserably humid here… but I’m in the country so missing maybe some of the urban heat island effect that DC likely gathers up.

    The other thing they forget… is without electricity to run our AC… it would be significantly more miserable!

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