Rescue of horses from the snow – Video

Argentina, July 12, 2020 – Video: the rescue of horses caught in the snow in Neuquén.

Félix Castillo was one of the protagonists of a heroic feat: they rescued several horses that had been trapped in the snow in the middle of the mountain range in Neuquén. Félix recorded the adventure and the images quickly went viral through social networks.

Video: el rescate de unos caballos atrapados en la nieve en Neuquén

In the images that the young man shared, around nine equines can be seen buried and with great difficulty moving.
“This is how we rescued our gang yesterday,” wrote Felix, on his Facebook, who he said, even though the sky was clear, the wind played against them and froze their clothes, so the rescue was very complicated.

“It was not easy at all, but we managed to get home at 11 pm with a night in which ice, snow and wind fell, but with our troupe”, completed Felix about the exciting rescue and thanked his uncle, his nephew and a friend for having managed to save all the animals.

In addition, he was happy to show the images so that people “who have not seen the effort” that the crianza farmers from the north of Neuquén make when it snows, know their value. “Thanks to all who share, so that all see the sacrifice and the wonders of the field,” wrote Felix.

Now can you image being trapped by nine stories of snow in one day? That’s how the mammoths were trapped with flowers still in their mouths.

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  1. truly awesome effort by the blokes the dogs and the poor tired and hungry cold horses. looks like theyd have been without food for a few days . damned tough and amazing they were alive let alone managed the 9k trip in that snow. savage lands.

  2. why not close the schools? Stop the proper-gander. Dem’s are doing the same as Hitler and Mussolini did. Riot’s , Jobs and Brown shirts . like BLM

  3. Félix Castillo and his team are heroes.
    I wonder if he or any of his team feels all this cant and nonsense about global-warming (aka climate change) is real, or just a fiction from those with evil intentions.

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