Research shows “no clear, significant” benefit to lockdowns and business closures

So says a recent study out of Stanford University.

Findings show “no clear, significant” benefit to lockdowns and business closures

After comparing countries with more restrictive measures to those with less restrictive measures, the researchers found “no clear, significant beneficial effect of [more restrictive measures] on case growth in any country. “Their findings suggest that mandatory lockdowns don’t significantly stop the spread more than personal measures such as social distancing and masks. “We fail to find an additional benefit of stay-at-home orders and business closures,” the authors concluded.

Research suggests less restrictive interventions can be just as effective

Sweden’s approach included “social distancing guidelines, discouraging of international and domestic travel, and a ban on large gatherings,” while South Korea “relied on intensive investments in testing, contact tracing, and isolation of infected cases and close contacts,” according to the Stanford research. Both Sweden and South Korea had some of the lowest reported COVID cases for much of the pandemic, even without more restrictive measures. “Similar reductions in case growth may be achievable with less restrictive interventions” like those implemented by those two countries, the researchers concluded.and Sweden.

4 thoughts on “Research shows “no clear, significant” benefit to lockdowns and business closures”

  1. There are however enormous benefits to cashed-up billionaires and digital businesses looking to wipe out competition.

    Everything that has been done has been to benefit the new medico-mafia, the digital billionaires and the totalitarian politicians.

    If you let one subgroup control the narrative they will write it to their sole benefit….

  2. In fact there is plenty of evidence that lockdowns not only are useless, but actually in themselves have killed more people one way or another than the disease they are supposed to prevent….

    Of course it could be argued that more people would have contracted the disease if not for the lockdowns, but the disease has already proven itself to be no worse than a bad flu in terms of death statistics. There is an argument that it’s better to not get the disease than to suffer its consequences, but the damage to virtually everyone and everything from the lockdowns cannot be ignored.

  3. “Texas has a lot of electrical votes.” (electoral votes) – Yogi Berra… it’s not Malaprop anymore… they really are electrical [engineered deep fake] votes ww now.

  4. If one searches Pubmed for clinical trials on masks and viruses like the flu prior to 2019, masks are useless as well (except the n95 ones with rigorous procedures).
    Same for social distancing.

    BUT, with the advent of the Biden Iron Mask decries sync’d to end with the flu season, the stage is set to declare Biden the Pres that defeated Covid-19. This is just a prelude with Trump leaving on Wednesday.

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