Residents stranded by snow for days in Washington communities

Heavy snow in Oregon and Washington shuts down major highways, knocks out power and traps hundreds.

“Supplies Reach Cutoff Washington Towns Hours Before Next Winter Storm,” reads the headline.

Towns along U.S. Highway 2 between Gold Bar and Skykomish east of Seattle have been cut off since Sunday night after heavy snow knocked down trees and power lines, KING-TV reported.

(The article calls them “mountain” communities, but Gold Bar stands at only 207 feet above sea level, while Skykomish stands at 928 feet.)

Volunteers got water, food and fuel to hundreds of stranded residents just hours ahead of the next winter storm.

On Wednesday, a dozen trucks loaded with supplies reached the shut-off areas when the highway temporarily reopened.

“It brought me to tears. People just don’t do that anymore,” said Skykomish resident Kathy Marsh. “This just restores all the faith in humanity that I’ve lost.”

“I haven’t had power for five days. I haven’t had water for three days. I’m running on a generator, a propane heater. It’s pretty crazy,” Skykomish resident Robert Cunningham told the TV station.

In neighboring Snohomish County, a half dozen roads were closed Thursday morning because of fallen trees and power lines.

Gusting winds knocked out power to more than 25,000 customers in western Washington, The Associated Press reported.

The Transportation Department tweeted that Snoqualmie Pass, which I-90 runs through, had received more than 6 feet (2 m) of snow in five days. The interstate was closed at times Wednesday, and on Thursday, traction tires were required for vehicles traveling in the pass.

To the west, Port Angeles was slammed by up to 20 inches of snow earlier this week, shutting down schools and most businesses in the city.

Farther south in Oregon, eastbound lanes of I-84 were closed overnight between Troutdale, and Hood River because of accumulated ice and snow.

Eastbound lanes on U.S. Highway 26 were also closed for a time. The highway was later reopened but chains were required in some places.

Another winter storm is already bringing more snow to the Pacific Northwest.

Funny thing I’ve noticed: You don’t often hear of people being stranded in their homes by global warming.

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  1. The winter of 2016/17 saw 4ft of snow from mid Dec. to mid Jan. in the Columbia Gorge east of Portland which was accompanied by 3 ice events and one wicked ice storm. After the big fire Sept. 2017 we’d had enough and moved to the dry side. People over here think 6-8″ of snow is a good storm, they fail to realize that on the wet side when snow does fall it can dump 2-3ft in a 24hr period. Being wet heavy snow it knocks down trees and lines. Getting stuck out in the Gorge with 14 and 84 closed was no joke. People prepared before such weather events for the most part, but some were without power for up to 3 weeks making it necessary to resupply. Living here in almost N. Idaho is so much better, the big city has its libtards but once you leave town its very much a sane red bastion, not to mention the road crews do a better job of clearing the snow. I-90 can be a skating rink at times though, there have been 100 plus car pileups this winter, with 100s of wrecks on back hi-ways and bi-ways. Some people just gotta play stunt driver when it snows, its like everywhere else we’ve lived.

  2. My Flat Earth friends in Washington have verbally excoriated me for believing the Sun may have something to do with climate. I have been sworn at, ridiculed and all but spat on, ‘Twas wise of you to leave Washington to Inslee and his Chick-e-Babe senators, and congressmen, all yes men to the Al Gore Hockey Puck. (I mean Stick.)

    • Then ask them this. Why does the temperature drop 20 degrees in several hours without sunlight (night)?

      Why is Chicago 80 degrees cooler in winter than it is during summer?

      Our climate is due to the Sun and Earth’s relationship to it. Axial Tilt, Orbital Stretch, and Solar Cycles to name a few. Without the sun our planet would be a frozen junk of ice in a very short amount of time!

    • Not quite out of Washington yet, though it’s pretty much all red once you get away from downtown and South Hill Spokane. My wife moved us here 2 years ago with her work. Lived down in the Columbia Gorge for 5 years before that, originally from the South Sound, neither of us will ever move back and some of our siblings would like to move this way too. If things get too bad Post Falls and north would be close enough to commute but wont have to deal with this state and its nutty leaders. Have an uncle and aunt who have been here for 37yrs so family is close.
      When we lived in the Gorge one of our neighbors was a truck driver. He hauled all over the Rocky Mtn states the only place he would put on chains was when he got close to home in the Gorge, the ice there really is something, that and the friggin wind, bout drive a guy nuts after awhile.
      So far in three winters here the snow has come a little at a time and is pretty much the fluffy kind, will just about blow away in a stiff breeze. Seems to be more snow days in general though, so my first snow blower ever has been ordered and will be here soon.
      Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the state of Liberty will ever be a reality but a guy can always dream. Good luck Vance

  3. Well AOC says we will all die in 11 years (used to be 12) with suffocating heat and flames…..So, hang in there folks. It will be over in about a Decade…………………….

  4. Another group of converts to the wisdom of prepping. And probably another wave of immigrants headed South and East.

  5. During the winter, when it’s cold and snowy in the east, it’s mild in the west. And when it’s cold and snowy in the west, it’s mild in the east. This is nature; it has been and always will be. This is not rocket science. So, yes, let all just ban fossil fuels and heat our home with wind and solar. Go libtards!

  6. Up over the ridge from Skykomish to the south my ancestors had a copper mine. There’s a lake named after them there and one of the higher ridges too. They also worked in the coal mining town of Roslyn down the valley, ran the company store, all that. True geologists, hands on.
    Some of the Great Uncles moved west to Seattle turn of the century and started one of the first construction companies there.
    My mom’s step dad put the first rope tow at the ski area at Steven’s Pass on Highway 2, They lived further east and he ran road grader for logging roads and owned a tavern. What a deal.

    If you take the first left over Stevens Pass on the Forest Service road down to the tee and take a left that gets you to the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area. or right at the tee, south then up Icicle Creek Road, that puts you in the Mt Stewart Wilderness Area.
    Big elk out there , check out that area on Google Earth. Grade AAA America.

  7. To counter the evidence of global cooling the greenies will have to start more bushfires (“evidence” of global warming).
    Al Jazeera’s new weather format shows the continents in greyish white, which hides the forecasted snowy regions.

  8. It may be something more like 2030.

    Putting the pieces together:
    (1) The PTB, who probably own 90% of the wealth on the planet, have surely been scarfing up the best brains on the planet for hundreds if not thousands of years.
    (2) THEY know when the next magnetic reversal-aka Extinction Event- is due.
    (3) There is now a great push to remove farmers from the land and repopulate wild animals in areas where they have been previously removed. The stated Agenda is to return vast areas of the planet to wilderness.
    (4) Numerous underground cities have been built.
    (5) Plans have been made to herd the more docile humans into “smart cities”.
    (6) Less docile humans have been encouraged prepare themselves for battle by periodic threats to curtail the sale of firearms ( at which times the “less docile” rush to purchase firearms and ammunition).
    (7) The inner cities have been allowed to become hotbeds of well- armed sociopaths, drug dealers and gang members.

    Therefore: once we have a shortfall in food supplies, all out civil war will erupt in many countries, esp the US, decimating the numbers of the more aggressive types of humans (not good slave material).
    While the PTB slip into underground cities with their chosen slave stock, unhindered cosmic rays will scour the earth of most human survivors on the surface.
    Clearly, THEY are hoping that by increasing the numbers of wild animals, a larger remnant will survive the magnetic reversal.

    Agenda 2030 may indicate the expected date of the magnetic reversal, or simply the next stage of their diabolical plan.

  9. Don’t say “Conspiracy Theory”- unless you are brainwashed beyond recall.

    Every Fascist takeover began with- wait for it- a CONSPIRACY! Unless you think one person, acting alone, can take over a whole country.

    THINK about it.

    Every nefarious act perpetrated by two or more people begins, by definition, with a CONSPIRACY.

    It happens every day.

  10. Does 207 feet claim the record for the world’s smallest mountain? I used to live at 600 feet in the south-east of England from where you could see London.

  11. What no one in the US of A wants to hear or understand is self reliance is the key. It is too difficult for the average westerner to understand let alone experience.

    Even the survivalists and “prepper” communities are mocked or ridiculed, as they represent knowledgeable and skilled people who have little need for the state to interfere in their lives.

    Hollywood has many contributions that attempt to reinforce the notion of self sufficiency as a form of anti-social behavior. The brave individual is vilified while the “State” is exalted.

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