Retired NASA Physicist  – Climate Change Alarmism is GIGO

(Garbage In, Garbage Out)


The “propaganda” underpinning climate alarmism is “causing tremendous political bottlenecks” that prevent government officials from “doing the right thing” on energy, said retired physicist Hal Doiron.

Doiron, who helped develop the Apollo Lunar Module’s landing dynamics software during NASA’s moon missions, criticized the Navy for “preparing for something that is unreasonable and would cost too much money” in the form of “extreme sea-level rise,” which has not been borne out by rigorous scientific study.

Models don’t agree with physical data.

“At NASA, we have a policy: You can’t make a design decision on a spacecraft or rocket that is not validated,” he said. “You don’t make critical decisions based on ‘garbage in, garbage out.’ Yet our government has been doing that with respect to climate alarm, because too many academics in universities are writing papers, drawing conclusions from models that don’t agree with physical data.”

“The scientific method requires that your hypothesis and theories be confirmed by physical data,” he said. “Computer models are not physical data, although I think many in academia don’t understand that.”

The fact that unvalidated models often don’t agree with each other should be a “big, red flag.”

Doiron is part of a group called “The Right Climate Stuff,” which includes engineers and scientists who have taken part in NASA’s most high-profile missions dating back to Apollo.

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10 thoughts on “Retired NASA Physicist  – Climate Change Alarmism is GIGO

  1. Only believe to be the truth that which has been proven to be the truth by the scientific method. Politics and religion must always be subordinate to science. When politics and religion start to dictate to science then that is when science is no longer science. Just because they say that there are seventy five verses in the Bible that say that the Earth is flat that does not change the fact that in reality the Earth is actually a round sphere. I do not know what it is about religious people, but they are able to believe the strangest things imaginable. Is the world going insane ? What is it causing such mass insanity ? A disease ?

  2. The indisputable fact that we’ve all been witness to a plethora of pointed climate prognostications through the years which have not come to pass totally exposes the complete inadequacy of those who never knew what they were talking about when it comes to Climate: Past, Present and Future.

    PS – Please. Leave God out of this.
    The Bible does not say that the Earth is Flat.
    Round Sphere? … Please. Oblated Sphere!

  3. Garbage in, garbage out has been the basis for most decisions made by government for a very long time.

  4. If you view the AGW movement as a religion it all makes sense, no unbiased data needed. The only way to be free of the sins of mankind is to renounce CO2. It is easy to find clergy willing to promote the dogma since there is no grant money to be had unless you prove what is useful to the church.

  5. In the western word most of the news and information being disseminated to the general public is closer to propaganda than fact. When truth does not matter and the end justifies the means even science and the people working in it turn into nothing more than tools of the state which is a tool of the .1%.

    They have all the money and are now coming for your remaining freedoms which you will gladly trade for the security of your new fish bowl.

    • “In the western world most of the news and information being disseminated to the general public is closer to propaganda than fact” I agree with you 100%. Not only applicable to ‘climate change’, but also to global politics.

  6. Do they not teach the scientific method anymore in our colleges?
    The heart of the SM is that your hypothesis must be testable and potentially falsifiable. A hypothesis is made based on the observable data. It seems we are now changing the data to fit the hypothesis. Trofim Lysenko is alive and well.

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