Return of winter in Central Russia

In Kashira snow depth was 19 cm!

The last Sunday, April 14, south of Moscow in the Tula, Kaluga and Ryazan regions, the maximum temperature did not exceed +1°C.

It had strong sleet all day, in the south of Moscow and the north of the Tula region.

Snow cover was restored in the adjacent areas of the Smolensk, Moscow, Kaluga, Tula and Ryazan regions.

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  1. Record chills in Trans-Baikal Territory
    (Meteonovosti -News agency)
    Last Sunday, the Trans-Baikal Territory was under the supervision of an anticyclone. With little cloudy weather there was no precipitation, and the average daily temperature was 2-4 degrees lower than the climatic norm. As a result, in the village of Aginskoe, on April 21, a new absolute minimum of -13.2°C was set, which is 0.6 degrees lower than the previous one, which has lasted since 1978.

    On Monday, a wave cyclone will approach the Transbaikalia from the west, which will bring precipitation and wind strengthening in gusts in Buryatia 15-20 m/s, in the Trans-Baikal Territory up
    to 23 m/s.

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