Rewriting history in Slovakia – Coldest night ever

“An absolute record in the history of measurements available to the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute.”

Night from 7th to 8th January, 2017

The temperature in Dudince fell to -30,3C, an absolute low from start of measuring in 1977.

In Liesek,the thermometer dropped to -30.2 degrees Celsius, the second lowest temperature ever measured in Lieskelovakia.

It was extremely cold all day yesterday, ranging ranged -10 to -20 degrees below normal.–Padol-absolutny-rekord–pozrite-na-tie-obrovske-mrazy-

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3 thoughts on “Rewriting history in Slovakia – Coldest night ever”

  1. Minus 30.3 ya say! A sure sign this Global Warming is out of control. Do ya know. I saw a herd of chipmunks headed South just yesterday! Looking for climate change.


  2. If you point them to the nearest NOAA stats lab, and EPA wood smoke testing police station, that where all the hot air is from the Climate Fraud.

  3. Ironically, some areas in the far N are seeing milder than usual winter weather but that is the pattern. If the polar vortex displaces S, air has to displace N to replace it.
    The net effect is for more mixing of the dry polar air with moist mild mid-latitude air so the heat transfer from Equator to Pole is increased.
    This satisfies the Sir George Simpson ice-age on-set paradox. He asked how an ice-age could form when normally the desiccated Arctic sees minimal snowfall. It likewise explains how places like the British Isles became snowy enough to be glaciated.
    Never in my life-time have the Mediterranean lands seen such deep snow and all the way to sea-level.

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