Roads blocked by snow in parts of Algeria

Fatal accidents, floods, roads cut by snow

8 Nov 2016 (Excerpts) – “It is cold, rain and snow have fallen in abundance on several regions of the country. These incidents caused several fatal accidents on the roads …. at least 8 people were killed and 48 others injured in road accidents in several parts of the country.

“Road traffic in the capital has been severely disrupted by inclement weather and interminable traffic jams have formed around the main roads in Algiers.

“In the west of the country, the army had to intervene to reopen roads, blocked by snow, especially in Sidi Bel Abbes.”

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5 thoughts on “Roads blocked by snow in parts of Algeria”

  1. Snow in Algeria! Oh please! PLEASE! Mother Nature hear this plea! Push that weather pattern just a little more to the West….Marrakesh Morocco, to be specific! Wouldn’t that be a sight to see, snow in Marrakesh, right smack bang during the global warming mafia conference.

  2. Twenty three spotless days are recorded with the overall area decreasing. The spotless run continues.
    The above is the reason for the expanding so called Polar Vortex.
    In fact they are not polar but mid to high latitude blocking, but very dense Highs in company with similar large blocking Lows all at mid to high latitudes, all driven by the Polar Jet Stream.
    It is this massive river of air in the upper atmosphere which drives the climate in the winter.
    Dependent on its track, you are in drought, like S Cal, in a cold monsoon like the UK, or up to the neck in snow and ice like Russia is, today.
    Yes the Polar Vortex wanders around the Poles above 80 degrees lat. radiating longwave energy into space which is its atmospheric function, but the cold it generates is moved south by the polar Jet Stream and the lows it generates.

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