Robert Felix & David DuByne Discuss the Onset of Crop Losses, Cosmic Rays and Cold Climate

Video – David did a fantastic job of posting images that went along with what we were talking about, including some great maps showing Indonesia as big as a continent during the last ice age (when sea levels were 400 feet lower than today). Maybe that’s where the lost city of Atlantis is located.

Areas in red stood above water during the last ice age.

David also includes an important map showing where wheat is now grown in North America

And for those Alaskans who wonder if they should abandon the state in favor of a warmer climate, he includes a map showing that Alaska was NOT covered by ice during the last ice age.



13 thoughts on “Robert Felix & David DuByne Discuss the Onset of Crop Losses, Cosmic Rays and Cold Climate”

  1. Great review of past and possible future of the planet!
    However, those of us that view this site probably have a better idea of what is coming than the masses. But, I doubt that even we can truly comprehend the horrors that may lie ahead.

  2. Thank you for the record keeping. The Felix is calm and reasoned. The other voice is too conspiratorial in tone. We don’t know the future. We do know the climate was greatly varied in the past. It’s reasonable to plan for that variability.

  3. Excellent video, hopefully it goes ‘viral’ and people start to learn, and understand about their climate.
    Learn about their local climate, and how it does not follow the dictates of the ‘settle science’ that the UN, and so many governments’ spokespeople.
    Understand that the prognostications of the elites pushing CAGW are just wrong.
    Learn why it is not warming in your local area despite all the CAGW propaganda.

  4. Per the 500-year Little Ice Age that ended c. 1850 – ’90, Earth’s Holocene Interglacial Epoch which began c. 14,400 YBP with the global disappearance of continental glaciers, skewed 1.500 years by the Younger Dryas’ cometary-meteorite “cold shock” of BC 9,750 to 8,250, ended with Kamchatka’s super-volcano Kambalny eruption in AD 1350.

    Following a 140-year LIA rebound to c. 2030, a looming 70+ year Grand Solar Minimum similar to that of 1645 – 1715 bids fair to crash total solar irradiance (TSI) through AD 2100 and beyond. Most probably, this severe cooling episode is but a prelude to resurgent continental ice-sheets, failing to melt in summer from about AD 2350.

    Meantime, as Australian doctoral candidate Robert Holmes definitively showed in mid-December 2017, atmospheric CO2 at 4 parts per million (.04%) has precisely zero bearing on any planetary temperature throughout the solar system.

    How much longer must “armchair” citizens, as distinct from credentialed scoundrels infesting Big Government’s official organs head-to-toe, wave this bloody shirt? Best send not NASA or NOAA but Scott Pruitt’s EPA your two-cents plain, with instructions to use it wisely as halfway decent Realists see fit.

  5. By looking at the ocean wide sonar data provided on Google Earth application you will discover as I did that there is plenty of evidence to show beyond any shadow of a doubt that during full Ice Ages the sea level worldwide is at least three or even four kilometers lower than it is at present. That would explain how it is that we find evidence of heavy Ice Age glaciation on every area of land that is presently above sea level. Even in areas that are in the equatorial zone. What kind of catastrophe could bring into existence such an extreme change in sea level ? My reckoning is that in accordance with the Milankovich Cycle every 100,000 years or so the Earth suffers a massive Super Volcano eruption some where in the world. The last time this happened was 75,000 years ago in Sumatra when Mount Toba erupted triggering a full Ice Age glaciation that only ended a mere ten thousand years ago. Thus we are on the brink of another Super Volcano eruption that will return the Earth to another full Ice Age glaciation. Geologists know that the Earth spends 95% of its geological history in the grip of such full Ice Age glaciation. It is the warm inter glacial periods that are the abnormality. For the past fifteen to ten thousand years the Earth has been in such a warm inter-glacial period which began with what Bible students call the Flood of Noah probably around 12,500 BC. We are well over due for the return of full Ice Age glaciation. Only a Super Volcano eruption can bring into existence such an apocalyptic climate change. Is this what Bible students refer to as the coming of the Day of Judgement ?

  6. On the subject of ice ages, which we are still in, or should I say Glacial advances, What’s up has a very interesting entry:
    A conversation with Dr. Willie Soon – on polar bears, the sun, and Earth’s climate
    Within this chart is the following graphic, which I suggest is smoking gun for the world climate in general.×4771.jpg
    The chart covers 8 tenths of a million years, where the normal climates for the earth is glacial and is below 0C. The margin of temperature is quite small +3 and -3
    Notice the four Interglacial prior to this one, all four peaking 2.5C above the current Holocene Max temperature. But notice the shape over the previous partial Interglacial from 500K to 800K years, the shape of the interglacial is very stunted and flat, very similar to our own. Our own Interglacial is now past its sell by date and without a peak in temperature it will soon commence the slide back into glacial conditions.

  7. When I talk to people about the Grand Solar Minimum(GSM) I usually point them to the BBC documentary called “Little Ice Age Big Chill”. I tell them that the documentary will show them exactly what happened during the last GSM, and this is exactly what will happen in the GSM that is starting right now.
    This video is an amazing history lesson. And it’s also kind of a horror story as well. People eating their children. Thousands and thousands of “witches” being burned for “causing the clouds rain storms, snow storms, crop failures, plagues etc. That kind of thing. It’s an must-see for all of us.
    Peace from BC

  8. Dear Robert,
    Great video! I have announced it on my website. See direct LINK below:-

    Let’s hope that people wake up to the TRUTH before it is too late. Already the BBC and many weather outlets are LYING through the teeth about ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’. They have gotten to the point where they seem to actually ‘BELIEVE’ their own LIES!
    Keep up the great work!


  9. “Where are people going to relocate?”
    The short answer is: to the grave.
    “According to a new survey conducted for GOBankingRates, virtually half, or 49 percent, of all Americans are still living paycheck-to-paycheck. Forty-one percent of men and 56 percent of women say that they are in that kind of precarious financial position. Meanwhile, a total of 61 percent — 52 percent of men and 69 percent of women — report that they don’t have enough in an emergency fund to cover six months’ worth of expenses.”
    Moving cost money. Rent is the Southern states will go sky high.
    Jobs will be few, food will be very expensive, violence will be the norm. Got the picture?
    Moving to Mexico or other country, border or no border, will be worse unless you have lots of money. The Elites and MSM keep the truth for themselves because of the panic will cause. They will survive but the poor will die. Sorry for the gloom and doom message but it is my opinion. People should move NOW! Find a place to stay, get a job, plant a garden and get a gun. Good luck and stay warm.

  10. During the last ice age the sea level was about 100 to 150 meters lower than today’s. In areas where the ice sheets had compressed the land beneath them, the adjoining continental shelf bulged upward, so for example the Hudson River cut the Hudson submarine canyon through it.

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