Robert Felix will be on with George Noory tonight

Robert Felix will be on with George Noory tonight

For a full hour, from 10 to 11 pm, Pacific time. Please join us.

Robert Felix w George Noory - CroppedIf you have access to coast-to-coast am radio, I’ll be on with George Noory tonight for a full hour.

George’s website:

State-by-state list of radio stations where show is aired.

11 thoughts on “Robert Felix will be on with George Noory tonight”

  1. 640am toronto radio station listened to by all us night shift snowplow operators…we will be listening..should be good.

  2. For those who want to hear the show later,go to 630 and go to their audio vault.Usually,it’s current up to the previous hour or so.

  3. Great! Thank You for such a thought provoking and educational hour. Very Interesting subject that affects us so much.

  4. The useful idiots called in and repeated NOAA NCDC’s lies about how October supposedly was supposedly the hottest ever. The satellites never saw it. And neither did NASA, which is so manipulated now, it doesn’t look anything like the satellites:

    NASA and NOAA continue cooling the past and interpolating non data as hot data. And when that doesn’t work to make it the hottest, they simply make the claim.

    As the divergence continues, when will otherwise intelligent people finally wise up?

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