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Talking about “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps”

Mel Fabregas interviews me on Veritas Radio.

Hear the first hour (free).

Here’s the beginning of Mel’s synopsis:

Robert Felix makes a legitimate case for extinctions due to magnetic reversals. Why hasn’t the scientific community performed a more comprehensive and complete investigation? Given the biases of that system towards orthodox ideas, one wonders if such will ever occur. Perhaps only the inevitable geomagnetic reversal will ultimately resolve the mystery.

Schools have replaced science with non-science and this book brings back a lot of science. Felix answers a lot of questions. He answers Darwin’s missing link problem. He has good evidence to back up his theories. He explains how cataclysmic pole shifts are part of a cycle and how the deposits of coal and diamonds laying on top of dinosaurs’ bones came about. About how oil and diamonds raining from the sky that formed the layers on the Dino bones. Also, he tells about “natural” nuclear explosions can happen. He shows the geo evidence of their occurrence.

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  1. I believe Mr. Felix was attempting to talk about science with a wing-nut. When he talks about “spontaneous” species generation I believe he is talking about rapid mutation (reasonable), not magic electricity causing individuals of a new species to pop into existence or being seeded by passing asteroids as the host wanted to discuss.
    The discussion of magnetic reversals was fascinating though.

  2. Took a little time for you to “warm up” but then you were acing it ! Enjoyed it and also the interviewer’s comments and questions. Well done.

  3. Reminds me of Ben Stein’s film “Expelled” as he questions why ID theory isn’t even allowed discussion in mainstream science, which seems contrary to the scientific principle of investigation and open inquiry.

  4. I agree 100 percent and bravo !
    Schools need to get their heads on straight – and many Americans out there too ^_^

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