Romania – Greatest floods in more than 200 year after the worst drought in 500 years

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Record floods in Romania! The greatest disaster of the last 200 years! Dozens of localities under water. Helicopters intervene.

According to the National Administration “Romanian Waters”, the floods in recent days are historic…not happened in Romania for over 200 years.

The situation is quite serious. In the last three days cumulative precipitations were recorded 150 l / sqm- / 170l / sqm which led to a historical flood on the river Timiș and tributaries Bistra and Pogăniș.

The General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU) added that heavy downpours on 22 June caused flooding in 90 locations in 19 counties across the country.

The worst affected counties are Alba, Bihor, Caraș-Severin, Botoșani and Vaslui. Areas of Harghita, Mureș, NEAMT and Suceava counties were also badly hit.

In Romania one month ago and today

20 May 2020 – The drought that is scorching the eastern states of the European Union is devastating crops and exacerbating what is expected to be the worst economic recession the region will go through since the fall of communism, Bloomberg was quoted as saying by Agerpres.

In some parts of Romania and Poland this is the worst drought in the last 100 years, in the Czech Republic it is the worst in the last 500 years. May 20, 2020 |

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“I lived in NEAMT for 15 years,” says Adoni

6 thoughts on “Romania – Greatest floods in more than 200 year after the worst drought in 500 years”

  1. Am I working it out wrong? 150l/sqm seems to work out at a totally unexceptional 150mm of rainfall. (About six inches.)

    Where in the world don’t they get that over a three day period every now and again?

    • most of Australia;-)
      tasmanias flooding right now after a few hrs rain dropped 130 or so mm and then next day 67 in hobart.
      myold mainland aus town and huge areas flooded inland away from any hills
      but the hills 50miles andmore away delivered the waterto the rivers pdq
      the sudden drop from dry to wet that doesnt allow soils to soften enough to absorb is the usual reason, a lot simply runs off.
      Id guess all those riverstones with the warnings on them will be once again submergedsoon for another few hundred years with luck

    • The article said a range of 150 to 170 liters of rainfall/sq. meter. So about 160 liters, taking the middle of that range of precipitation.

      160 liters is approx. 42 gallons. 42 gallons sounds like more than 6 inches deep in a 1 square meter container.

      So I looked it up. One cubic meter holds 264 gallons. 264 gallons = .159 cubic meters, so your math is correct, something just over 6 inches deep per square meter.

      However, being that this rain event covered many square miles, the accumulation in low lying areas would be quite deep.

      • Correction of typo above: Should read 42 gallons = .159 cubic meters

        Robert, please correct my post or post this correction.

  2. Wow! The area goes from unprecedented drought to unprecedented flooding in a couple of days.
    In some superstitious regions such drastic events used to be thought of as an omen foretelling or perhaps bringing about the demise of the current ruling faction.

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