Almost all of Romania under snow and blizzard warning

65 towns of Prahova County remain without power due to strong winds and snow.

And traffic is paralyzed. Several cars are stuck in the resort town of Sinaia and Plopului Valley and over 150 trees felled by strong winds.

“Some forecasts called for a normal or even mild winter in some parts of Romania,” says reader Alex Tanase. “But not so fast. Winter kick in with heavy snow, strong blizzard and bitter cold.”

“Romania is badly affected by heavy snow and blizzard. Some settlements got 1 meter of snow. Many schools(around 1000) are closed. Several villages are isolated and many roads are closed.

“Western(Timis, Arad and Caras-Severin Counties are badly affected) and North-East of Romania is the most affected.

“Three consecutive days of yellow code for blizzard is no joke.

Romania is under snow. The snow layer will increase, because the National Meteorological Administration issued two codes yellow snow, blizzards and rain.

Heavy snow has already created problems. Timis County polling station is closed and at this time because the access road is blocked. The Army sent troops to aid in snow removal so that residents could exercise their right to vote. 200 other sections in Timis County opened late because of blizzards. Tomorrow, in all counties, schools remain closed.

In Dâmboviţa County, 19 towns have no electricity at this time.

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4 thoughts on “Almost all of Romania under snow and blizzard warning”

  1. Welcome to the beginning of another “Little Ice Age”!

    Record it well, folks, for the “Greenhouse Gas Theory” is going to be buried in piles of snow, ice, and cold.

  2. When I was in Romania mid-November to mid-December of 1999, the weather was rather mild. A little less than an hour south of Timisoara, in the mountains, was cold and snowy. This is a far cry from 1999!

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