This is who Romney seeks climate advice from?!

Say it Ain’t So! Report: Romney sought advice on global warming from Obama Advisor John Holdren who claims Arctic could be ice-free in WINTER

“The GOP front-runner for 2012 sought advice on global warming and carbon emissions from the president’s current science czar — an advocate of de-developing America and population control,” says this article on

John Holdren is ‘advocate of de-developing America & population control’ says this article on Climate Depot.  ‘A Dec. 7, 2005 memo from governor’s office announcing the new policy listed among the ‘environmental and policy experts’ providing input to policy one ‘John Holdren, prof. of env. policy at Harvard U.’
Say it Ain’t So! Report: Romney sought advice on global warming from Obama Advisor Holdren — ‘Holdren’s bizarre views are best suited for an adviser to someone like, say, Pol Pot’

Flashback: Holdren ‘desperately needs remedial climate science education!’ Holdren ridiculed for claiming Arctic could be ICE FREE IN WINTER! This is who Romney seeks climate advice from?! Scientist Ridicules John Holdren: He ‘appears to have less scientific competence than most 1st graders’

— John Holdren in 2009: ‘If you lose the summer [Arctic] sea ice, there are phenomena that could lead you not so very long thereafter to lose the winter sea ice as well. And if you lose that sea ice year round,it’s going to mean drastic climatic change all over the hemisphere.’

Yes, you heard that correctly, Holdren, with his wealth of “scientific” acumen, actually believes the Arctic is in danger of losing WINTER sea ice. The website Real Science noted about Holdren’s claims: “Temperatures are well below freezing across the Arctic now, and about -20C near Greenland. They will continue to get colder for the next few months. New ice is forming at the rate of one Manhattan every minute and a half, in areas that were previously ice free.”

Update On John Holdren’s Arctic ‘Ice Free Winter’ ‘Looks like it probably won’t happen this winter, with temps averaging -30C and 181,086 Manhattans of ice in the Arctic’

Paging John Holdren! ‘A new Manhattan of ice forms in Arctic about every minute, in Holdren’s ice free winter’

First Gore, Now Holdren! What Gives Mitt!? Flashback: Gore Praises Romney for Belief in Man-Made Global Warming: Gore: ‘Good for Mitt Romney — While other Republicans are running from the truth, he is sticking to his guns in the face of the anti-science wing of the Republican Party’

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11 thoughts on “This is who Romney seeks climate advice from?!

  1. At least Romney is not trying to hide his true nature or intentions. I am surprised so many conservatives support him. Romney the RINO is Obama lite.

    • Curious. Why do you think he is only “Obama Lite?” Obama was supposed to be the opposite of Bush, but he turned into W2. Romney doesn’t appear to be a lite version of anything except, perhaps, a lite version of sharing wealth with the average citizen. No, I am not saying he doesn’t donate, I am saying he’s pro rich and anti middle class, just as Obie is and Bushie was.

      • Pro rich and anti-middle class? When you make statements like that, it makes you look very foolish and you lose all credibility. I’m not for Romney. Cain shares more of my beliefs. Personally I’m pro everyone making the best of their life as they can and to keep and do with what they make without others meddling in their business. If someone becomes a millionaire, more power to them. No one else has the right to steal what they have to give to someone who has less.

  2. Just the headline says maybe someone needs to bop him on the back of the head and drop him off up there naked to get a winter tan…

  3. This(Romney) is who we are going to end up opposing the Obama green agenda? This is not good news. Its people like Holden who have to be replaced. We need an energy secretary who is not opposed to energy. Maybe Cain would appoint someone who is an energy realist to help put this country back on track. Someone has to bring this out in the open in one of the upcoming debates. Its very hard to change the minds of the global warmists. We have to find a way to do it. Robert, you are doing your part, how can we all help, what’s the solution?

  4. Rock You Like A HERMAN CAIN..!

    If nobody votes for Mitt the Nit Wit, then he won’t be the one opposing Obummer…

    Mr. Cain knows Global Warming is a load of Koala Krap. (The video is on this web site..! Look it up.)

    Just because a bunch of Media Morons wants Nit Wit Mitt to be the Republican Nominee does not mean we have to go along with them. Use your brain, use your mouth, use your computer … think, talk, and tell everyone not to vote for the “Romulan.”

    Use your Brain, Vote for Cain!

  5. as a non US citizen Ron Paul looks better by the minute! we have one person similar here and he has my vote when it comes to it.
    real obvious how US media is not reporting on sen paul and when he did beat the straw polls they still fudged the truth.
    Romney is who they want, he follows the preset agendas, only the name and face change, the big agri/business, and Military are the REAL power behiond the position and all bar Paul toe the line.
    if he did win I suspect a Kennedy style removal same as they did before. he threatened the staus quo.

  6. Romney is a socialist big government wank. His politics is much too slippery or slime for good people. Global warming, ORomneycare, wacko big government. Only a socialist media scum would vote for him.

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