Roofs collapsing in Quebec

“So much snow in the province of Quebec that the roofs of buildings are collapsing,” writes reader Pierre Demers. “Some have between 4 and 6 feet (1.2 to 1.83 m) of snow on them.”

A week after a pair of roof collapses prompted Quebec officials to warn owners to regularly clear ice and snow off the tops of their properties, four more collapses late Sunday added more urgency to that message.

At least four roof collapses occurred north of Montreal between late Sunday and early Monday — a supermarket, a garage, a television screen factory and a warehouse.

There were no injuries reported in any of the incidents, which occurred at the end of the day.

These followed roof collapses last Monday at an empty commercial building in Trois-Rivières and a grocery in Lévis that left two people slightly injured.

Heavy snowfall along with rain on top of the snow has increased the threat of roof collapses across Quebec.

Pictures of snow on roofs:

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9 thoughts on “Roofs collapsing in Quebec”

  1. another grocery store ?
    the one i heard of was about 20 km from where i live,
    ( lévis, secteur st etienne ) and given that some 50 people where inside, miraculously, no one was killed..

    my dad and i removed tons of it from the roof, for the second time this winter, because 30 cm fell the next day ( last sunday )…and friday could bring us another 15 cm..

    people around me are runing low on patience, and me, having read Robert’s books, begin to wonder what it will look like when the G S M will be in full effect..

    • Oh your snow is just beginning. The seed point for the Laurentide Ice Shield was Baffin Island. The glaciation occurred first in Eastern Canada where the ice got the thickest well over a couple miles thick (5 km). The type of snowfall needed to cause that is what legends are made of, especially when one considers that snow compacts.

      • ..the worst part of this is the knowing how much it could end here for us like a wide awaked nightmare, while not knowing how to help..

  2. I’m just waiting to see how much snow will be left in far Northern Quebec up in the Ungava peninsula next September and October.

  3. In China last winter square miles of greenhouse roofs collapsed under the weight of snow. Lesson in roof design for the coming years in all this.

  4. “Modern” human industrial civilization can not exist in snow.

    It has only been the last 80-90 years that automobiles., “on time delivery”, river shipments of fuel oil, have been achieved by “modern” man.

    In a few years, the only way “man” will survive north of Kentucky will be with horses, snow shoes and piles of firewood, like we did for hundreds of years.

    Cars, trucks, airplanes, ships are USELESS in the snow.

    If you live up north, SELL NOW AND GET OUT.

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