Rumors Greatly Exaggerated

Rumors Greatly Exaggerated

Rumors about the dangers of CO2 are also greatly exaggerated.


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13 thoughts on “Rumors Greatly Exaggerated

    • Ooh, that sounds very Center-of-the-Earth stuff but for the life in me I can’t remember just what it is that exists at the Center of the Earth ?

      Has anyone ever when’t there and returned to give any details ??

      Rumors are bad enough, I for one don’t want to go there to find out…


  1. rumours of her being suitable to run for president are also greatly exaggerated too;-)
    I’d love to see her duck n screech if Trump does push the drug test prior to next debate;-)

  2. So if she drops dead or is considered incapable of functioning as president (I know many think that already), does the vice president just step up to the job? Or is there another election, especially if it happens within months?

    • Nope. The job is his until the next election. Unless Congress votes to the contrary, which is unlikely. You just tapped into my dream scenario since it doesn’t look good for Trump.

      • Just because one party does not have a candidate, does not stop the election. There are, after all several other parties here. If the Libertarian or Green Party lost their candidate, would they stop the election? The imposed self-importance of Reps and Dems seems artificial. Kinda like a bank or car company “too big to fail”. The election laws don’t care how big a party is. Only that it is registered correctly. Legally speaking, with three or four other parties, there seems to be no reason to call off the election, until you realize who you are dealing with. People who can assassinate judges with impunity, and can isolate bad blacks, and run white people a as black, are capable of damned near anything. Once Trump is elected, by the way, the games are only beginning!

  3. Hillary isn’t running for President, she is running for her life. It is the White House or the Big House or her and she knows it.

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