Runaway inflation on the way?

“I do worry I will eventually not be able to survive on what I’ve accumulated,” says retiree.

Runaway inflation on the way?

Jean S

I absolutely cannot understand why this administration is encouraging illegal immigrants to come over the border in droves. I’ve seen a number of interviews of these “migrants” were asked why they are coming and the majority appear to be naively assuming there are JOBS here they’ll be able to get. Given how many US citizens have been laid off and how many places have gone out of business… where in h&ll does Biden and his buddies think these immigrants are going to find work? They won’t…

In the meantime, re: inflation in general… anyone who is as old as me (70) living in the US is apt to remember those times when cost of living was much much lower. I remember in the 70s that my grocery bill (for myself and my young son) was $10 a week! Now I feel like I’m doing well if I can keep my grocery bill down to $100 a week.

Housing costs too… I remember the year I graduated from high school (1968) my parents decided to move from MA to FL. They sold a nice house (3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 fireplaces, picture windows in most of the rooms, a nice deck) … on 10 acres of woods and fields. They were asking $50,000 for the property… but the best offer they got was $40,000. They used the money from the sale to purchase a nice house on Vina del Mar island (off St. Petersburg) with a smaller yard but with a pool. Now the same properties would probably go for at least 1.5 million. Ridiculous!!

Now I am retired, living on a fixed income (a combination of social security, a small pension… and what I’ve managed to save in an IRA). At present I’m doing OK financially, albeit I live modestly and have no debts. However… I was never able to make enough to buy a house (let alone buy a home and pay it off before retiring… which “they” assume we all can do). With that type of runaway inflation as I think we’ll be seeing … I do worry I will eventually not be able to survive on what I’ve accumulated.

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Now add in the exorbitant cost of heating and cooling that the Green New Deal will bring to our shores, and I think Jean has good cause for worry.

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  1. and massive blackouts in extreme cold in future winters, his very survival might be in jeopardy.

    • and about those migrants – they don’t come here to get work, they want free money bags from our government when they step across the border LOL
      Did you know that these illegals are already getting free motels, breakfast and maid service when they come across the border and each illegal immigrant is getting $15,000 checks in NY and NJ?

      maybe I should give up my citizenship right now and get some shoe cream to paint myself brown and then come across as an illegal. Might be better off these days LOL

  2. “Mr. Bond. I don’t expect you to talk…I expect you to Die”

    Auric Goldfinger

    As for this nice lady.?The Owners of the Federal Reserve don’t expect you to survive, they expect you to Die.

  3. Jean S is experiencing the Democrats transformation, also known as the re distribution of wealth OR the redistribution of poverty, depending on your outlook of Democrat policies.
    What the hell, let’s call it for what it really is, Socialism, which also goes by the name of Marxism, again depending on your politics!!!,

    As long as President Joe Fraud or any other Democrat President is in office you’ll just have to suck it up!
    That’s your problem, it’s a home grown problem which the electorate needs to come to terms with. If you vote for a Democrat
    /Socialist that’s going to be your future! Fix it quick or your country is stuffed!!

    • Agreed … but I sure did NOT vote for any Democrat/Socialist myself and I still believe the election was stolen. There are days when I just wake up and cannot believe what the world (not just the US) has turned into. I did NOT see that one coming.

      Be that as it may, we still have to deal with the consequences….

  4. Inflation or not, and this is no joke… accumulate cans of quality proteins, sardines (lots), whole oats, demera sugar, canned beets, etc. no name canned milk, coffee (whatever you like, stuff) etc. now while it’s all still relatively cheap (pre-runaway inflation)… and still available at all. Set the fridge to as cold as possible and stock up/store eggs for over a year – they keep dang-near forever if kept cold. (can dip them in mineral oil for extra time too… got my own herd of live chickens/ducks now) Food security brings peace of mind… note also that they keep extending the moratorium on not paying rent if you earn no more than $99,000. Landlords ww are in a bind right now… soon enough they (WEF) figure we’ll all own nothing and love it. (recht ja) UBI is also likely coming very soon (note timeline) as they are right on schedule (past performance is 100% so far) with their “leaked/faux hoax” Oct 10, 2020 timeline (expect as above so below CDN/US eventually). Maintain good health with high food security/storage… peace of mind is Job #1. Be the smart “country mouse” as much as possible even if you live in the city. Possession is 9/10ths as long as you maintain your shelter as you likely have. Peace of mind comes with lots of “comfort” quality grub in the belly and the pantry and it allows for extended vaccine/zombie avoidance – hold your ground, stand your ground, no Schwab tests, masks or vaxx(s) ever. Stock up asap, a thousand cans of sardines will be worth more than a thousand oz. of silver soon enough and it already is if you already ‘get it, and have got it’ (both ways). No matter what avoid the vaxx to make sure to be able to see what happens in the 4th Qtr of 2021… could/should be spectacular [unfortunately?]. Food, food, food and a water source/filter and whatever it takes to stay warm… you’ve roughed it before Jeanie, you told us all… and that you’re a long time smart cookie survivor. Keep us posted. Food accum. before rent. Cheers.

    • To be honest, I go through phases where I feel paranoid about food and stock some up… and later feel like maybe that wasn’t the best use of my money. I do usually have at least 2-3 weeks worth of food stored in the pantry. Water is a lot harder for me to store because even a gallon is heavy and I don’t have a ton of storage area. I do have a small “room” in the garage, but the door has a gap at the bottom so I am afraid if I put food in it could attract rodents and then snakes.

      Thanks for the reminder tho, maybe I need to rethink that.

      In the meantime I have some degree of comfort in knowing all cactus are eatable even tho not all are tasty. We sure do have a LOT of cactus here in AZ. Mesquite (the most common shrub or tree) also produces pods that can be dried and ground into a flour replacement (nutritious even, tho not that tasty… I’ve tried it). OK on the cactus, yeah it’s a thorny way of getting food and I understand if I ate too much of it that can give you the runs. Knowing that helps tho, lol. I have also seen some kinds of wildlife that supposedly could be used if I can figure out how to make a snare… and I’ve figured out how to trick quail into laying eggs for me in my garden.

      I have no intention of taking the “vax” which I think is dangerous but I have several strategies I’ve figured out (and hesitate to put info on what I’ve figured out online even … thanks to computer spying)… but trust me, it can be dealt with. If it come to having to shows a document “proving” you’ve taken it to get groceries I’ve figured out you can find a way to “get” one by doing a simple online for “blank covid card”.

    • One good thing here is my house is snug and even when it gets down to 28 F at night in the winter I did not have to use the heater…. just bundled up a bit more with a good comforter and warm night clothes. My walls are something like 4-5 inches thick. I’m going to try this summer a similar strategy of getting used to the hot weather rather than automatically putting the AC on. I know someone who’s lived here for years and keeps her AC to where it won’t kick on until it gets 85 F… and finds it tolerable.

  5. The total destruction of the U.S. is the primary goal of the One World Government crowd. Destroying its culture and destroying the the savings of the middle class is all part of the plan to create the chaos needed to attain this goal. If the Democrats are not stopped soon you can kiss our system goodby!!!!

  6. I saw a meme with a picture of a young kid in late-teens/early-20’s with the caption:

    “Retirement plan”: 1. go to Mexico, 2. give up US citizenship, 3. cross back into US illegally, 4. Set for life

  7. Our dollar is worth just two cents of the 1913 dollar when the Fed was created. One silver dollar will buy about 8 or 9 gallons of gas right now. The more they inflate the money, the quicker the debasement of the dollar. It will return to its intrinsic value of Zero in the near future. God Bless!

  8. The same is happening here in Europe, the governments keep on printing money and the only result is that houses and lands are getting ever more expensive.

    My friend is a beekeeper, he said that the honey centrifuge used to cost X money, but then the EU decided to “support the beekeepers” by paying the full cost for that centrifuge. In couple months – the price of the centrifuges went to 2X.

    Government handouts to the poor people, to “help them buy houses” – have exactly the same effect, they just increase the monetary cost. And after that – it is those with the access to the government money who are able to stay in the game. It’s a robbery, a big banking robbery.

  9. id be storing canned beef over sardines,
    corned beef can make many more meal options than sardines etc will
    but yes DO try n get a store going while you can people
    fruits etc in GLASS not plastic
    powdered milk and if its in plastic bags then change it over to large Glass or tin storages
    avoid the idiotic ringpull cans of anything for long term storage
    that pull area is thin and the seal isnt as stable over time for airtight etc
    funny how the ohbummer admin also invited illegals and then the dems moaned about what Trump inherited…and now theyre adding billions of costs and millions more illegals?

    • Most commercially prepared corn beef also contains sodium nitrite as an additive.
      I raise grass fed organic beef and still usually eat at least a can of sardines daily instead of buying cod liver oil. Keeps my coat shiny. Whole eggs and sardines have everything in them in perfect balance to create a whole living animal from the beak to the butt. Figure it out.

    • I’ll be honest… I have NEVER even tried sardines. They sound awful to me (because I like mild fish, not oily strong flavored fish). Canned corn beef OK, as is chipped beef or even Spam.

      About glass for storage… it’s a mixed bag. Yes it’s not reactive like some other things (some plastics for example). But glass is not a good idea for storage for anyone living in a seismically active place (yup, bottles rattling around and breaking during a quake) or if you are older and/or handicapped and have any problems with grip strength or bending over. I have both and glass containers are too heavy, I’ve dropped and broken a few, and it’s painful to pick up the mess. So I go with cans usually or sometimes hard plastic that is labelled as not having that BPA.

      One important thing to remember when storing food is critters… bugs that will get into the food, or things like rodents. I once had a few hundred pounds of wheat berries which I had stored in metal bins… and ended up with weevils, ugh! I had to kill them off using a toxin. Then there is the rodent problem… I happened to live on a farm that had millions of field mice and every winter a lot of them managed to get into the house (and sometimes snakes would get in later to go after the mice). It was a constant battle and I used traps. The worse year I had such a big infestation of mice that I discovered when I went into my pantry and found they had peed and pooped all over my canned goods… which I ended up throwing out for fears of contamination (yes you can get listeriosis, which can be fatal). A waste and a mess cleaning up…. After that I decided I had to put all my canned goods in heavy plastic containers with tight tops and it helped a bit. However, then I discovered that hungry mice will eat ANYTHING…. including: cough drops, medication, soap, candles, and maybe the worse… trying to eat toilet paper and Styrofoam (both of which they shred to bits making a huge mess all over the place) . I would have loved to have a cat… but landlord forbid me to.

  10. Unfortunately, food prices are going to go up no matter what, due to less solar irradiance and an unstable jet stream. Grow as much of your own food as you can, even in apartment window boxes. Bad government policies like the ones listed above, will only make things worse.

    • True and I’m experimenting with doing that here in southern AZ. I am handicapped and can only garden in containers. I had some gardening failures last year but it may have been I started seeds too late (trying earlier this year) plus gave up on watering once it got too hot. I’m new to this area and it’s probably a good thing I am trying NOW rather than waiting until there is an emergency. In fact I’m about to do out and plant a couple of herb plants I’ve been hardening off… and I’ve got some tomatoes, peppers, chilis and eggplant seedlings that are about ready to start hardening off. Tomorrow I’ll probably add compost and fertilizer to the rest of my plants and then plant my summer crop seeds. I’m just hoping this year we’ll get some rain in the monsoon season.

      I did have success with my large garden containers in the winter garden where I got carrots, beets, turnip, bok choi, lettuce, onions, garlic, and broccoli.

        • I’ve listened to Dr. Gundry’s videos before…. and I have had periods where I did not use any of those veggies he suggests we avoid… most of the year (because I only like those veggies when homegrown). I never had even one difference in how I feel when I don’t eat those things. Also I did a keto diet for over a year so did not use wheat then… didn’t notice any difference (other than losing weight).

          I believe the gluten problem is overblown. I do know one person who has a severe allergy to gluten but it’s my understanding that’s only about 1% of the population. I’ve known many people (mostly young people) who have been fanatic about going gluten free, but from what I’ve observed… most of those were just on some kind of fad. A lot of young people in the US seem to be very paranoid about eating various things and tend to get very self-righteous about it as well. I’m not saying that’s what you’re doing… but I have seen it extensively.

  11. Now may be the time to start getting friends and family together, discuss the situation openly and see how everyone can help each other! Bartering could be the way forward? Some will have veg while others may have bread etc etc!

    • That’s the problem. So many family members are ‘woke’ and utterly incapable of managing a basic, reasonable discussion on these issues.

      • Yuri said these days were coming… well they’re here now.

        Since his death, Bezmenov’s “Soviet subversion model”[a] has been studied and interpreted by faculty and staff at the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) to analyze historical events, including the decade-long Russian campaign that preceded the 2008 Russo-Georgian War.[16] His work has also been cited by senior director of UPenn’s Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Dr. Michael Carpenter.[17][18] His lectures have also been used by Yale senior lecturer Asha Rangappa, to illustrate the concept of active measures in Russia’s historical disinformation campaigns in the United States.[19]

  12. I just turned 63 and every passing day I realize just a little more that I might indeed have to continue working until dead. I no longer look to retire, if the Democrats stay in power at least. Things were looking good under Trump….sigh….

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