Running for president with a single-issue focus: Climate change

Washington governor Jay Inslee is running for president with a single-issue focus on climate change.

Inslee said of climate change: “We have two existential threats right now: one is to our natural systems, and one is to our economic systems.”

Inslee has served as governor of Washington state since 2012. As such, one of his focuses has been environmental concerns in the state, including reducing the use of fossil fuels while pushing alternative energy development and boosting green jobs, according to his bio.

He is co-chair and co-founder of the U.S. Climate Alliance, a bipartisan group of 17 governors who seek to implement the policy goals of the Paris Agreement.

See entire article by Kimberly L. Wright of Gray TV:


Inslee doesn’t seem to get it.

The recent resounding defeat of Initiative 1631 in Washington state, a bill meant to tax carbon far, far more heavily than it already is, does not portend well for Inslee’s single-issue focus.

Although Washington is a stronghold of the environmental movement, with 57 percent of the state’s electorate voting against it, Initiative 1631 fell far short of passing.  

I find that heartening.

Maybe Inslee doesn’t get it, but more and more voters do.

They realize that “fighting climate change” is just another way of wrestling power and money from what politicians hope continues to be a gullible public. I think the ‘yellow-vest’ riots in France provide evidence that voters are beginning to wake up.

I’m looking forward to the day that Inslee’s resounding defeat will send a message to other politicians that they need to take their hands out of our pockets and their boots off of our necks.

Governor Inslee, please, stop trying to destroy our economy in your insane grab for power. Are you not aware that glaciers are growing in your own state?

The governor’s intention to compete for the Democratic nomination was announced in an article in The Atlantic.

14 thoughts on “Running for president with a single-issue focus: Climate change”

  1. screwing up the financials in a misguided attempt to sort out the supposed eco issues?
    not really a means to resolve either, as I see it.
    same breed of stupid in Sth Aus with weatherall and the state will be paying in massive power costs lack of industry and jobs and debt for decades. he got booted out but the bills and bad decisions linger on

  2. When the glaciers reach Seattle (or Olympia) Governor Inslee may wake up. But in the meantime he (and Michael Bloomberg) will provide another sideshow in the circus for the Democratic 2020 nomination.

  3. If one could remove those who are criminal, perverted, are insane or their fans for from government , academia, the media and the world of finance would there be anyone left?

  4. Total fool.

    If this was 1917, he would be a “useless idiot” for Stalin

    If this was 1933, he would salivate and orgasm over Hitler (as many women did in the audience of his speeches)

    If this was 1946 he would worship Mao as he slaughtered 80 Million.

  5. Jay is a horrible scumbag. This country will be finished forever if he becomes President. Do me one favor in 2020:
    Vote for Donald Trump!

  6. So something (the UN-IPCC’s defined cAGW Climate Change™) that is so unobserved, depending on just conjecture, and very reliant on the output from speculative theoretical suppositions that power the unvalidated computer climate models, is now an (hypothetical) overwhelming existential threat.
    (see ‘The Art and Science of Computer Model Tuning’ )

    No, it is now overwhelming political posturing and virtue signalling by Jay Inslee.

  7. Inslee should start with tangible problems like rampant homelessness in King County, feces and urine on sidewalks, open drug use, and associated crime in the once great city of Seattle, along with a never ending public transportation nightmare – thanks Democrats!

  8. Running for president with a single-issue focus: Climate change. ???

    Perhaps the governor should take a drive out to the western part of Washington where extreme ecological damage is everywhere. Hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of trees cut down in clear-cut fashion with a view looking like the end result of war.

  9. Perhaps Clinton was right, it’s the economy stupid, and to have a working economy you need low cost energy and raw materials, as well as innovative well paid staff to create the goods and services to make a profit, for them and company for both to pay taxes to an ever greedy government.
    You also need a customer willing to pay you for your products, but if you have a better mouse trap they will beat a path to your front door.
    The problem is most politicos are failed business men, or worse carpet baggers selling snake head whisky and getting vast sums of money to not deliver any change demanded by the electorate but to maintain the status quo.
    Bluntly the western political system is failing the people, after a while the people will change the rules and remove the failures permanently, with Venezuela an observable car crash in progress.
    It will probably happen in Alberta, with then joining the US.

  10. The very fact that he is running on a one issue platform tells you everything you need to know about Jay Inslee. No imagination, no creative ability.

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